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Hey friends and money geeks! My name is Marc and I run a finance blog at I’m grateful to Michael for the opportunity to share this post today. Like Michael, and last week’s host (Todd from Invested Wallet), I’m from Pennsylvania.


About Vital Dollar

Vital Dollar features articles on topics related to saving money, managing money, and making money. Back in 2007, I started my first blog as a side hustle. That little project turned into a full-time income in 2008, and I’ve been self-employed as a blogger ever since.

I’ve bounced around a little with blogs in different industries like web design, photography, travel, and now finance. I’ve sold several blogs in the past, which has been a key part of my business.

Prior to blogging, I had a few different jobs in the finance industry. I’ve always been really interested in money and saving, and starting a finance blog had been on my mind for a few years before I eventually launched Vital Dollar in February of 2018.

My goal with Vital Dollar is to help readers get the most out of their money and have a better future because of it. I write a lot about the things I’ve learned as a side hustler turned entrepreneur, including making money from my hobbies (mostly photography).


3 Posts I’m Digging Right Now


9 Money Lessons Learned from My 90-Year-Old Grandpa

This article over at Money Saved is Money Earned is a great read. Obviously, we can learn a lot from those who have more experience than us, and this is a perfect example.

The lessons in this article are partly money related, but they also touch on the basics of life. Most of the lessons aren’t necessarily surprising, but it’s a great reminder and reinforcement of important principles.

I think my personal favorite lesson from this article is “Don’t Let Your Past Define You”. The grandfather grew up with challenges like poverty and abuse, but he didn’t let that define him. He overcame and established a new normal for his life, and for his family.


2018 Year in Review – $100K in Side Hustles and Other Financial Stats


Andrew at Wealthy Nickel wrote this article as a year-end summary, and there are some amazing information and inspiration here.

Most, but not all, of Andrew’s (and his wife’s) side hustle revenue, involves real estate. In 2018 they made money from flipping, realtor commissions, rental income, and even through real estate wholesaling.

Andrew breaks down the numbers, and it’s really impressive what they were able to do in 2018 outside of Andrew’s full-time job.

If you’re interested in side hustles or real estate investing, this is an article that you’ll want to read. What I love about it is that Andrew and his wife are just a regular couple that’s hustling and seeing incredible results for their family. This is great inspiration and motivation for anyone to start a side hustle.


What is My Time Worth?


Over at Fly to FI, Cody takes a look at the value of our time how to calculate your real hourly wage.

Knowing the value of your time is important, especially if you’re looking at different side hustle opportunities. Not everything that generates money is really a good use of your time.

Just as important, Cody also talks about what else you would be doing with your time. This comes into play when an activity (like a side hustle) makes you some money, but less than your normal hourly wage. Cody shows how it could still be a good use of your time based on what else you would be doing with that time as an alternative.


Vital Dollar Post You Might Like:


Ways to Make Money: 150+ Side Hustle Ideas for Your Spare Time


This article is a huge collection with loads of ideas for making money (some common, some not so common). My goal with this post was to make a comprehensive resource that anyone can turn to if they’re looking to make some extra money.

The opportunities are categorized and there is a description with information about each one, and many also have links to resources that can help you to get started. I updated the post once already to add more ideas, and I’ll be updating in the future to continue to add to it and improve it.

Regardless of your skills, experience, and interests, I’m sure you’ll find at least a couple of possibilities from checking out this post.

Some of the more uncommon or bizarre side hustles mentioned include renting yourself as a friend, working as a political advocate, renting land to campers, working as a costumed character, and becoming a stool donor. After reading Michael’s article about selling used panties, I may have to add that one to the list.


Geeky Fact


The biggest factors in my career have been kind of geeky. Aside from writing about finance now, which is definitely pretty high on the geek scale, HTML code and software played big roles earlier on.

My side hustle in 2007 originally started by designing and coding websites for clients. I also started a web design blog, which is actually the part of the business that took off and allowed me to leave my full-time job. On that blog I wrote about things like HTML, CSS, customizing WordPress themes, design, and user experience.

The past 8 or 9 years I’ve made money by selling digital products at my blogs. I sold products to be used in programs like Photoshop and other popular software. I never developed software, but some of my top-selling products were software add-ons.

Thank You, Marc, for hosting this weeks Best of the Web.


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