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Viral Content Bee

I have been fortunate to grow my blog over a short period.

I could not have grown as quickly as I have if it were not for the help of other bloggers. I am tremendously grateful for the help, advice, and support they have given me.

To give back to the community, I will be sharing some tips, tricks, and tools that I am currently using.

Today's Review: Viral Content Bee

What is Viral Content Bee?

Viral Content Bee is a free social media sharing website. The website is clean and straightforward to use.

Signing up is free and only takes a few seconds. If you have been blogging for some time, chances are you have participated in a Facebook blog share group. Viral Content Bee works similarly to popular blog share groups, with one huge advantage.

Viral Content Bee uses a point system when you share others' work you earn points, and you spend those points to have your work shared. It’s a simple and elegant system.

Once you register, you can link your social media accounts. At the moment, Viral Content Bee supports Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can choose which social media you would like your content shared on. You also have control over what content you share and on what social media accounts those are shared from.

As an example, you may see a neat post that you think your Pinterest audience would like. You can pin the post to the board you think would be appropriate.

Why it's my new Fav

I like Viral Content Bee for a few reasons:

1. It uses a point system. I have participated in several blog shares, and while they are great, you also get a few bloggers that do not reciprocate. Inevitably, you end up sharing ten posts and may only get five shares of your content.

2. The content is moderated; each post is reviewed by moderations before it can be posted for sharing. This prevents spamming of low-quality content.

3. The size of a member's Twitter audience in part determines both how many points you get from sharing a post, and also how many points you will spend for them to share your post.

4. You can schedule shares right from the site. This is great if you want to earn a bunch of points, but don’t want to flood your social media with ten posts at once. You can log into the site and spend a few seconds queueing up your posts and then stop back later to spend your points to boost your projects.

5. Grow your audience! Viral Content Bee boasts a diverse group of bloggers, and having different bloggers sharing your posts can expand your reach to new audiences.

6. Networking. Sharing the work of other bloggers often leads to new networking connections. Since I have been using the site, I have gained new followers on my social media channels. Additionally, I have chatted with a few bloggers I met from and have made some valuable network connections.

7. Find cool blog posts to read, I have found myself reading and enjoying many of the posts on the site.

8. It’s a great way to have your content shared on Pinterest for people that do not know how to use Pinterest. It seems like half of the bloggers I meet understand that Pinterest is an excellent source of traffic; however, they are not sure how to use the site. You can have your pins shared without the need to have a vast Pinterest presence.

Note: you will still need great pinnable images. Either spend the time to learn how to design images or hire them out on a site like Fiverr.

When doing reviews, I know I should point out a few faults in the interest of objectivity. I cannot find much to complain about: the service is completely free and only takes a few minutes of your time. In the last week, I have had approximately 20 social media shares for less than ten minutes of work. Plus, I made some new friends along the way.


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