About 4 days ago I discovered Creepypasta, and I enjoyed reading some of the stories. I have decided to tell you about a thing that happened to me in Pokemon Black, and hopefully, someone can tell me why this is.

I have never been a hardcore Pokemon fan but I have played the Diamond, Soul Silver and now Black games. All of these games I have played with a group of friends.

After Soul Silver, I was really looking forward to Black and White, and worked on saving up for a Dsi. I got Black about a week after the release date and played a whole lot so that I could get Victini.

I have always chosen the fire Pokemon as my starter so I chose Tepig. I could go into detail about the gameplay but I don't think a lot of it has anything to do with the glitch.

I downloaded the Liberty pass after I had played for the first time when I learned I could get it before reaching Castelia city. When I finally did reach Castelia city I beat the gym before going to the dock and taking the boat to Liberty Garden and soon got to the room where Victini was kept.

I knew what to do because by this time most of my friends already had Victini. I caught Victini with a great ball and went outside and listened to Professor Juniper's speech.

I showed one of my friends my Victini and when he saw it he thought there was something different about his and mine but he could not tell what. We took our Dsi's and compared the Victinis side by side and soon noticed my Victini was a shade darker, not something huge but it was darker.

I thought it may have been because of the brightness settings on the Dsi but when we both turned ours up to max brightness my Victini was still darker. Soon all of my friends and I had compared our Victinis and mine was the only different one.

Other than the shade I could not see anything else different though, but my friends thought this was super awesome, and begged to trade Victinis with me, but I liked the difference and kept it. After beating the elite 4 I was beginning to get a bit bored of the game so when one of my friends asked for my Victini I agreed. I got his Voltolos and he got my Victini.

After about a week my friend came up to me and told me that the Victini I gave him was gone. I got on my game and checked and saw that the Voltolos I got was also missing (however the Landlos I had caught by then was still there) and the Victini was back.

When my friend checked he also did not have the Voltolos. This time I let him trade me a Patrat he had just caught so he would not have to give me all his high-level Pokemon for my Victini.

The trade worked but again the Victini returned after about a week and the Patrat was missing. My friend and I thought that this was odd and we told the rest of the group about it.

We went into “detective” mode and checked Victini and both of our collections. Then we looked at my Victini's Pokedex entry and it had changed, it now said: “Don't leave me.”

I once again thought my Victini was super cool and played it and leveled it up to level 100 and continued to play, until one day when I got on I saw that the Victini was missing. I checked everywhere in my collection and then thought, the trade worked.

I went to my friend and he did not have Victini either. After about a week a thought struck me so I went back to Liberty gardens and entered the building.

In the room before Victini's room, I saw two pokeballs on the ground and tried to pick them up but when I did they both said, “The pokeball is open,” and stayed on the ground. I entered the next room and there I saw Victini like I did the first time without the team plasma member though.

I approached Victini and it was level 100. I fought it and tried to recatch it, but my other Pokemon were too weak and it defeated my team. When I blacked out rather than going to a Pokecenter I came to the menu, and it said “New Game” rather than “Continue Game.” I was extremely sad and scared but I started the new game.

I noticed I still had the Liberty pass. When I got to the island again I went through it like before but when I got to Victini's room there was no Victini, but instead, a Patrat and Volotos laying where Victini was supposed to be, with white eyes.

When I approached them a text box popped up saying, “A dead Pokemon.”

Credit: unknown

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