Under Your Skin

A scream echoes through the neighborhood. Writhing in her bed, a woman lets out another blood-curdling yell. Throat raw and knuckles bleeding from tightening them, no one would quite understand what happened to her in the morning. And she wouldn’t be able to tell. Her agony was coming from her mind. You could say it was her dream. She was laying in a meadow. at first, the woman thought of how lovely the dream was. How peaceful. A faint breeze wafted through the air. She loved the dream. Until He came. The wind stopped and the woman started sense something DREADFUL was about to happen. Pain started to sear through her hand. That is when the screams started. She looked down at the hand and saw something that made her blood run cold. Her skin was deteriorating. Blood gushing and skin flaking off, the woman started to run. Somehow, she thought running would save her. It did. She didn’t feel the pain anymore. She was safe. The woman sighed in relief and started to slow. She almost had a heart attack when a voice said behind her, “I wasn’t finished.”
The woman didn’t have time to turn around. The pain in her hand started again. She tried to run but the flowers in the meadow had turned to rotting hands that gripped her and dug their nails into the woman’s ankles. Her hand’s skin was long gone, leaning muscle and veins. The deteriorating spread up her arm and across her shoulder. It went down her torso and legs. The whole time, she screamed. She screamed about mercy and forgiveness. She asked what she did to deserve this. Skin. Blood. Pain. It all pooled onto the ground as the torture continued. The woman wondered vainly why she hadn’t bled out already.
As she lay on the ground, barely living, the pain stopped. Her face has still left. The torture dream wanted her to see His face.
A boy, about 6 years old, stood above her. He had jean overalls on with a white shit underneath. The boy was barefoot and had messy blonde hair. He wasn’t scary at all until the woman saw his skin. It was unnaturally pink and looked like it was too tight for the boys hands, feet, and face. Instead of eyes, he had dark red sockets. The boy had no nose, and his mouth was wide. It was pulled into a tight smile.
The boy looked at her with his horrible face and said, “now, I’m finished.” And then, everything went dark for the woman forever.
Here body was found that morning by her 13 year old daughter. The woman’s husband was out of town for a business trip, so the woman was alone with her children. The daughter had found her mother dead and sitting up. The woman had no skin, not even the face. Her eyes were empty bloody sockets. The daughter immediately called the police after puking and screaming. The child told the police that her mother screamed during the night, but she was too scared to see what was wrong. The daughter was the reported to be the only child.
Later that night, as the father sat in his plane seat, he felt a sleepy sensation come over him. To dull his sorrow of what happened to his wife earlier that morning, he gladly drifted off. Other passengers woke up in alarm when horrifying screams came from a sleeping man in the back of the plane. One brave boy crept over to the wailing man and tried to shake him awake. As the boy shook the man for the fourth time, a dark liquid seeped from the man’s hand. Skin flopped to the floor in big chucks. Scuttling back, the boy let out a shriek. Skin started to fall off the man everywhere. Blood started to ooze down the isle and people started to panic. The traumatized boy slipped on blood and fallen skin. The poor boys mother screamed for here son and flight attendants were standing in shock and confusion. There were two thumps, and white spheres rolled down the isle. Everyone knew what they were.
Police rushes to the plane as soon as it landed. detectives noted that there was a murder like this just that morning. The victim was identified the husband of the other victim.
A girl sat in a spare bedroom at her grandparents house. Her mom and dad, were both taken from her in one day. She looked up at the ceiling and took a deep breath. But, instead of crying, she started to laugh and smile. Her friend, Marshall, had a little brother named Beau. He was six years old and had died three weeks before her parents died. The child had practically worshipped the girl. Sadly, Beau had fallen ill with Pneumonia and couldn’t be helped. Beau wanted to see her his last day alive, but her parents refuse. The girl was in an art contest that offers money as a prize. Getting first place meant that her parent’s could buy the pool that the whole family had been saving up for a long time. She begged and cried to see Beau, but her parents wouldn’t give in. They were also nervous about their daughter being around Beau. He was never nice to anyone but Marshall and the girl. Her parents didn’t like him because of the way he looked as well. Beau was born with skin so thin that if you touched him, he would start to bleed gallons of blood. Doctors gave him artificial skin, but it looked too pink and fake. Well, right before Beau’s death, a fire had started in his room. The only part of him that was burned were his eyes. The girl’s parents wouldn’t even let her go to the funeral.
The girl was pulled out of her thoughts when she sensed someone in her room. She looked up, and saw a child standing in the corner. He had pink and fake looking skin. The boy didn’t have any eyes, just bloody, empty sockets. The child was wearing a white shirt with jean overalls. The girl’s mouth was agape and the room turned pitch black. All she could see were the empty sockets.
“Be like me, Fern. Look like me. I want you to be like me.” The child said.
“Beau.” Fern, the girl, whispered, “I can’t. Please, Beau, don’t kill me.
“No, I won’t kill you.” Beau said, “please, let me make you look like me.” Beau walked over to Fern. She couldn’t move. Pain seared through her and she screamed. She screamed at Beau to stop, the pain was numbing her legs. Fern looked shakily down at her hands. They were pink and the skin looked artificial. Fern started to cry in pain and shock. She knew what was next. The eyes.
“No, stop Beau!” She screamed. Beau’s horrible eyes came closer as he said, “but I’m not finished yet.”

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