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Clash of Clans: What Online Gaming Can Teach Us About Social Media

How To Get More Twitter Followers

Clash of Clans: Lessons in Social Media


My first social media account wasn’t Twitter or Instagram, or even MySpace (yes I’m that old, but I didn’t get into MySpace). My first experience with social media was actually a mobile “freemium” game, Clash Of Clans. My daughter saw the funny commercials for the game and asked if we could get it.

I downloaded the game and she quickly lost interest in playing and I took over as steward of her village. Little did I know I was going to be taught a lesson about networking and how to get more Twitter followers.


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Crash Course On Clash Of Clans


If you’re not familiar with Clash of Clans, it’s a freemium mobile app. You build a village and train troops, then you use your troops to attack other players villages to steal resources. Other players try to steal your resources when you’re offline. The game is simple and is set in a medieval fantasy setting.

What makes the game a social network is players can join clans up to 50 players in size, players can chat in the clan chat, members can request troops from the clan to assist when attacking villages and also to help defend your village when you’re offline. Additionally, clans can participate in clan activities such as clan wars, where winning wars can earn the clan resources and clan perks.

I founded a clan nearly 5 years ago and the clan is still running successfully. What is remarkable is most of the original members are still active and engaged in the clan. When I started playing, I had no idea the game or the clan would go on for 5 plus years.

Here is what I have learned about networking from running a successful clan.

Social Media


Read The Profile


In Clash of Clans, players have profiles. These profiles include stats, like how many battles they have won, how many troops they have donated, the number of resources they have stolen and more. When players try to join your clan, you can review their profile before deciding to let them into your group.

A profile doesn’t tell everything, but it tells a lot and if you want to build a successful clan you have to get good at reading profiles.

A player who has a maxed out village, but only pillaged small amounts of resources look like they bought the base, rather than earned the loot, and likely have not developed the skills learned by playing. Players with low troop donation records are likely to join the clan and drive the group nuts asking for troops and will rarely contribute any.


Twitter Followers


How does this apply to social media such as Twitter? Read the profiles! If you’re considering following someone on Twitter, read their profile. Do they only ever tweet out their own content? If someone only tweets out their own content and never retweets, don’t follow them.

Tip: If you like reading their content, stick them in a list where you can see their posts without following them.

To grow the number of your twitter followers, you need to network with people that understand the reciprocal nature of successful networking; sharing each other’s work benefits the both of you. Sadly, some users of social media merely view sites like Twitter as a tool to spam their own content.


Follow Back


Do not follow people who will not follow you back. Stop feeding other people’s ego and celebrity! Every single person you follow on social media that won’t follow you back is robbing you. They are robbing you of the ability to gain more followers and they’re robbing you of the ability to be found by people looking to create mutually beneficial relationships.

Tip; Twitter limits the number of people you may follow based on how many people follow you back. If you are following people who are not following you back you are limiting your growth. 

Remember while you are reviewing other Twitter users profiles, they are likely doing the same and reviewing yours. One statistic people use to determine who they should follow is the following back ratio. if you’re not following people back, your ratio will be poor and folks won’t follow you.

The other statistic people like to look at is if you have more followers than you are following. Every person you follow who won’t follow you back messes up both of these statistics.

I know I’m going to get some push back on this, as every time I explain how I run my social media, I get someone who disagrees with me. I immediately check out their social media accounts and sure enough they’re stuck at 2k, 4k or 10k followers. Additionally, they are normally the same people who tell me that you can’t get traffic from social media or that social media traffic is of poor quality.


Social Media Traffic


Social Media works: some of the richest stock valuations on Wall Street are social media companies. These companies are not making their profits off of grandparents liking pictures of their grandchildren. Advertisers and influencers are pouring into social media because it works, and if you don’t get wise to how social media is changing business, you are going to get left behind.


[bctt tweet=”Sunday Spotlight: Advertisers and influencers are pouring into social media because it works, and if you don’t get wise to how social media is changing business, you are going to get left behind.” username=”michaeldinich”]


Example: In October, I bought a new truck. All of the purchase was done on social media, and the dealer told me that the last three trucks they sold were all done on social media.


People have built successful companies using nothing other than social media. My friend, Chef Wendy, built a brand using just social media. She has nearly 30k LinkedIn followers, and she manages the time to engage and interact with her following. Ron Feir, the number one realtor on Twitter, has a following of over 70k and he also follows 70k plus. So you don’t have to take my word for it.




For a number of years, Clash of Clans had bot problems. Players were actually using software to automate their attacks so they could get hundreds of attacks in all hours of the day. In particular, some players would use bots to cheat at clan wars, and as a clan, it was not fun playing against clans that cheat.

Just like it’s not fun to play a game against someone who uses bots to cheat; it is not fun to follow someone on social media that just auto spams your feed. I once met a person in a Facebook group that said they wanted to increase their Twitter following.

I check out his Twitter profile, and every post was 3 hours apart and started with a letter and number. It was clear he was using automation software to schedule posts.


Let’s put the social back in social media, social media is not an RSS service for your blog. Look at all the best brands that are killing it on social media, are they just spamming content? Imagine if you were on a date, would you only talk about yourself? If you were in sales and wanted to close a big deal, would you send a robot?


It is ok to use tools to organize and amplify your voice on social media. It’s not ok to spam social media with bots. If you are not getting the results you want from social media channels and you are relying on bots, then chances are the bots are the problem.


Get Social


One key to the success of the clan is that I routinely asked the group, what we could do to improve, how often they wanted to war, etc. Knowing your group is the key to success. When the makers of Clash of Clans released a poorly received update our clan actually considered switching to Star Wars Commander. 

The Star Wars game is basically a rip off of the much more popular Clash of Clans, and in many ways, it’s actually a better game, with one notable exception it lacks the social interaction. Without the social interaction members were not engaging and participating, even with the draw of Star Wars everyone prefered the much more lively social dynamic of Clash.

Remember, its Social media, not me, me, me, media!


If you want to grow your audience, it starts by engaging your audience. Find out what your audience’s interests are. Maybe do a survey, or, if you know who your most engaged social media followers are, ask them some questions. Offer them a gift card for coffee if they answer a few questions. If you find out your followers enjoy football or fishing, try to send out content that is football or fishing related.


Tip: Keep in mind it has to be authentic. If you find out that your audience likes football and you don’t enjoy football, find another topic you all have in common.


Lastly, have fun with social media, whether it is by way of a game like Clash of Clans, or by engaging with new people on Twitter or Facebook, or any other media out there. Remember to take the time to find out who you are engaging with, and be genuine. (Bots have a hard time with being genuine.) Enjoy learning from others, and remember: the Clan that works together, wins together!

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