Truth Behind Slenderman(Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

A few years back I was working Cartoon Network studios. At first I was helping with the animations on the Show Cowboy Bebop for the Adult Swim run. It was little to no pay but that’s the life of an intern. I was straight out of college so I really didn’t give a shit, I mean it was pretty kick ass getting to be part of an industry like CN and make the shows. I mean, it’s no Nickelodeon but it worked! Well after a few months, they decided to cut Cowboy Bebop off of the lineup so I was shit out of luck and shit out of work. That’s when they offered me a small storyboarding job on a spin off of some show called Grim and Evil. This is probably where the worst mistake of my whole life was ever made…
The show was called The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. It was very dark and evil but it gave you some laughs. After a few episodes the creators ran out of ideas so, they had everyone on the team try and think up some new characters. They gave us two weeks. The person who came up with the best character would get their own head spot on a new upcoming show. This was a HEAD spot! This was just what I needed! I would be set if I got this job! For a while anyway..
Well since this show was of the macabre genre I decided to go to this old magic shop on Washington Street near my apartment. It was the first time I had ever set foot in there but the poster out front claimed it sold spell books etc. So thinking one of these books would scare some type of character into me, I thought hell why not.
The store was old and dusty and looked like nobody had ever even shopped there. There were old runestones and Ouija boards that looked older than the building itself. I looked around for someone to help me and suddenly an old woman came out from around a corner and scared the shit outta me! I told her my predicament and she showed me a shelf of several books. She said that’s all they had in a harsh tone. I had the feeling she was hiding something…
I walked around a bit more and found a half opened door. My curiosity got the best of me so I walked on in. On a table there was a book with a lock on it. As I was about to grab it the old hag walked in and yelled stop. I tried haggling and she said it wasn’t for sale! She wouldnt tell me why so I knew it must be the real deal. I grabbed the book and threw a 50 dollar bill at her and ran out the door of the shop. She locked it behind me…
When I returned to my apartment I broke the lock from the book and opened it. The index had a list of creatures from the deepest depts of hell. I laughed when I saw the names. Zozo, Beetlebub the list goes on. The I came across Nergal. I turned to his page and read about him. It said he was a black creature who wore a suit and could have tentacles grow out of his back. He stole children from their bedrooms or when they were outside playing. Perfect I thought! There was even a way to summon him. For kicks and giggles I thought hell why not. I followed the instructions and surprise surprise. Nothing. Well that night I was laying in bed asleep when I was awoken by a slimy tentacle grabbing my leg! It was him! It was Nergal! He was tall and slim. Just as in the description he was wearing his suit and had no face and had his tentacles coming from his back. He was as black as charcoal like a shadow. He told me that he knew what I was doing and he wanted to be in this cartoon. He had me draw him and write a story. This story would become the episode when Billy and Mandy are kidnapped by Nergal and Grim must save them. Anyway after it was all said and done he said if he wasn’t in the show my life would be hell. Before he sunk into the ground I snapped a photo of him. Well the next morning I didn’t remember anything . I found the drawing and story next to my bed and thought I must have done it in my sleep, but it was pretty good so I would present it. Also the book was gone.
They liked the episode idea and character and I got the job and the episode was made…Yay me…
Well about a few years later I began to see online these stories of a “Slender Man” They described the character I had “created”. That’s when I found that picture of Nergal! All the memories rushed back! Then it hit me! He was using his cartoon persona to let children know of his existence so he could haunt them! I tried to tell the network my story and they fired me. So this is my only chance to save the children! Post my story and hope they see it! Don’t watch this show! It gives Nergal, or Slenderman, his power to kidnap and haunt these children! Since I figured this out I know he is coming for me soon so keep this warning as I cannot. Although it may be too late…

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Credit To: Lance Bays

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