Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 is headed to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on March 26, 2021. A Nintendo Switch version was also announced, though, it's coming at a later, unspecified date. This news comes by way of Activision (as relayed by Business Wire), along with a new trailer, which you can check out below!

The new edition of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 on PS5 and Xbox Series X will run at 120 FPS with 4K resolution, while the Xbox Series S version will render at 1440P and upscale to 4K. In addition, the new version will feature “sharper dynamic shadows, reflections and lens flares, as well as enhanced skater textures and more on next-gen consoles,” according to the press release.

As for the Nintendo Switch edition, it's unclear what resolutions it will be targeting, though, you can expect it to have lower fidelity than the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S counterparts.

Nintendo actually teased the announcement of THPS1+2 for Switch yesterday, via a cheeky tweet.

There are a few different upgrade paths outlined by Activision, and they aren't as straightforward as you might expect. If you already bought the game on PS4 — physically or digitally — you can upgrade to the PS5 edition at no additional cost, so long as you have an internet connection. There is no upgrade path for physical owners of the Xbox One version, though the digital edition will feature a free upgrade to Xbox Series X|S.

Activision has also confirmed that you'll be able to transfer your save from the previous generation versions of THPS1+2 to the next-gen editions within the same family (PS4>PS5 and Xbox One>Xbox Series X|S).

You can also preorder a Cross-Gen bundle to start playing the game on previous generation consoles right now — ahead of the release of the current-gen edition. If you buy the Cross-Gen bundle, you'll gain access to the PS5 or Xbox Series X|S addition when it launches, at no additional cost.

Source: Activision via Business Wire

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