‘Timelie’ Summer Sale and Brand New Trailer

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The hit puzzle game, Timelie, has just released a brand new trailer showing off some of the awesome coverage that the game has received since its release. Be sure to check out our review of the game.

is an exciting new time manipulation puzzler that is available for PC and Mac OS. The game allows you to jump forwards and backward in time, in order to unravel the mystery of the surreal world you find yourself in. Help a girl and her mysterious cat companion as they navigate and escape a surreal world where time literally becomes your plaything. 

If you make a mistake you can manipulate the unique timeline by rewinding time and try again. Want to know what’s coming? Or trying to avoid enemies? Simply jump forward through time and take a peek at what the future holds.

Let the future play out to see if your current strategy will lead to success or capture. Experience unique single-player cooperative gameplay as you control both the girl and the cat simultaneously in your effort to not only avoid capture, but also solve the mystery of your unique situation.

Timelie is always taking part in the Steam Summer Sale, with a 15% discount. 

Download Timelie on Stream and find out more about the game at their official site.


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