Hit Indie Puzzle Game Timelie Releases For Mac OS

Have you checked out Your Money Geek's review of Timelie?  Have you been anxiously waiting for it to arrive for MAC users? Well, Timelie has arrived — right on time.

Urnique Studio, the indie developer behind the global hit time manipulation puzzle game Timelie, has announced that the game has officially been released on Steam for Mac OS 10.12 and higher. It even features eight new supported languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Turkish, and Russian.

Assist a girl and her mysterious cat companion navigate and escape a surreal world where time literally becomes your plaything. Manipulate the unique Timeline ability to jump both backward and forward in time in order to unravel the mysteries of this surreal world. Avoid enemies and, if caught, rewind time to try again. Or, let the future play out to see if your current strategy will lead to success or capture. Experience unique single-player cooperative play as you control both the girl and the cat simultaneously in your effort not only to avoid capture but also solve the mystery of your unique relationship.


Timelie began five years ago as a small class project by an ambitious group of students. Early versions of the tame went on to receive recognition from a number of prestigious competitions, including “Winner – Best Game” at Microsoft’s 2016 Imagine Cup Student Development Competition, “Winner – Best Game” at the 2016 Thailand National Software Contest, and “Winner – Best Student Technical Project” at the 2017 Bangkok International Digital Content Festival.

Download Timelie on Stream and find out more about the game at their official site.