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They’re Here

Do you remember as a child, being scared of the monsters under your bed? Or as a teen, watching scary movies and then being paranoid for the rest of the night. Can you recall the scariest moment of your life? Do you remember how terrifying it was? Well this is worse.

How can it be worse, you ask? Because this is true. And everything else has always been a mere figment of your imagination. But not this, oh no, not this. Unfortunately, this is not only something that has happened to me, but something that has happened to many people, probably even you.

Have you ever been somewhere and feel as though someone is watching you, or following you? Now of course this seems irrational. No one would be following you or just menacingly staring at you, right..? But still, you look around, glance over your shoulder every five minutes, just to be sure. Obviously, there’s nothing there. At least you don’t see anyone, and no one is that stealthy… So you’re now reassuring yourself that you’re simply over reacting, and nothing could logically be there. But the feeling still won’t seem to leave..

You’re gunna brush it off as nothing though.. Right…? I am warning you now, don’t. They don’t like that. The more you ignore it, the more they’ll bother you. They’ll work their way into the darkest part of your brain and they’ll speak to you. Saying things that will drive you crazy. Crazy to the point that you will talk to them, try to get answers from them. But never, will they give you an answer. Making you seem as if you’re talking, yelling at yourself, and people might find that crazy. Even though you told them you’re just trying to get answers from the voices in your head.

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And if you do as I did, and accept that they are all around you, watching you, waiting for the chance to make an advance; you’ll notice them. You’ll notice them in the smallest things. Like how the lights flicker ever so slightly sometimes. Or how sometimes you here random creaks and noises, the ones you always blamed on the pipes. Sometimes, they’ll make themselves seen, just briefly enough to peek the interest of the dogs or cats you own. You thought the animals were just acting weird, but oh no my dear, you could not be more wrong.

I wish I could give you some sort of ritual, or cleansing to rid yourself of them. And try all you wish, but it’ll always be to no avail. Because these are not ghosts or demons. No, they’re much worse. You see, these are the beings, the entities, that will always be there. There to make you uncomfortable, there to scare you, there to drive you absolutely crazy. And nothing you say or due will ever make them leave. They will attack at only the worst times, your weakest moments. Don’t worry, they don’t wish to do physical harm. They’re only here to prove that even the most sane, are nothing but paranoid liars. Watch out….

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They’re here.

About the Author

Not much is known about Brian Z. Some say it's because he is secretly preparing for the Z poc, others say it's because of the "incident" at Chicago Walker Stalker Con. All that we know for certain is he loves sci-fi, horror, and zombies.

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