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The water jar and thirsty souls

(This is based on a true story. I apologise in advance if anyone find this offencive. The purpose is only to tell about a superstitious belief that people actually believe.)

What are the things that you do before going to bed at ni? Brush your teeth, prepare your bed, get a drink say a glass of water so you don’t get thursty at the bed, and finally make sure you covered the jug or whatever you keep the drinking water in ……

My mom once told me this story, a scary series of events from her childhood. When I my mom was a child, a family that lives in the neighbourhood suffered some unexplainable tragedies. There was this lady who’s children would die after only their first two 2 or 3 years. No matter how carefully she cares for her babies, for some unknown unexplainable reason, her little ones wouldn’t servive more than the first 2-3 years. After about 4/5 children’s death, one last boy luckily servived who was her only child.
The woman had a terrifying experience once. It was the time when she was pregnant and her only son who later servived to adulthood was in her womb. One night she went to bed. As she felt like a glass of water, but felt too tired and lazy to go get a drink she just forced herself to go to sleep ….
Next morning … A hue and cry wakens the neighbourhood. The lady isn’t waking up. She died in the sleep last night.
As a family member who discovered her dead in the bed explained what happened and how she came to know – “I woke up and was getting ready for my morning prayers. I walked into her room and found the kolshi.

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(Kolshi is a retro style water vessel, used in Indian subcontinent)

The kolshi was left uncovered. I covered it because I feared the water would get dirty. I heard a faint voice crying for help. I thought I was imagining things. I looked at her sleeping on her bed. I realised something was not right, she wasn’t breathing. I tried to wake her up but she won’t respond …..”
An elderly woman who was listening to the family member’s story interrupted and asked
– “did you just say that the water vessel was left uncovered all night?”
— “yes!”
– “and you covered it, and heard a faint cry for help!”
— ” I thought I was imagining it”
– “quick, you must go and uncover that water vessel as quickly as possible”
— “why ? (Confused )”
– “don’t ask, we don’t have time, you must hurry before it’s too late!”
Dead lady’s young family member who was saying all these, the one who covered the water vessel early in the morning, rushed to the water vessel in the room and uncovered the vessel. …. A faint brease suddenly blew over her face. …
The funeral process was over and they were going to take her to the cemetery in a few minutes. The beloved ones are coming to get one last look at her face …. suddenly the dead woman woke up and took a deep breath, kinda like how people who are saved from near drowning takes a deep breath when they regain consiousness.
They all were surprised at this.

Later the woman explained her experience during the period when she was clinically death.

Apparently she experienced something similar to an astral projection.

Remember I told earlier that you should get that last drink of water to avoid getting thirsty in the middle of the sleep and to make sure that you cover all the water containers before anyone gone to sleep.

The ancient belief goes like this, – “if any sleeping person gets very thirsty, but is in a sleep too deep to wake up, then he/she will go into a state of astral projection, and his/her spirit shall travel around the room and outside the room in search for water, and if there’s a water vessel left uncovered, the spirit shall descend inside it to get a drink, and if anybody accidentally covers up the water container with the spirit still inside then the spirit/soul/whatever you call them shall be trapped in that water container.

As the soul/spirit trapped in the container, unable to return to the body from the astral realm, the body shall be left clinically dead. Only if they are lucky enough that someone will subconsciously open up the water container and let his spirit out and only if the spirit returns to the body before it is buried/burned as the final funeral work, only then the person may survive.

As relatives came to hear from the woman who had the near death experience, she told how she travelled along the astral plane/spirit realm or which ever is accurate I don’t know, also said she met the dead relatives spirit visiting the earth, also her dead children’s souls.
She then claimed one or more of her children may have been trapped in water vessels similar way she was when they travelled to the astral plane in search for drinking water.

After that day she never left a water pot uncovered at night supposedly saving many lives and souls, including her own.

My mom was a small child when this incident took place. She believed it and was so scared that till this day she makes sure every single water container in the house is either empty or covered and sealed well …..!

So, is it bed time? have you drunk that last glass of water before going to bed ????

Credit: My mom

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