The True Death Of Freddie Mercury

in the 2th of november,1991 freddie realized he did not have aids,it was their mistake.he was actually dieng of how cold it was.he spent all off his last time outside.
freddie started to shake while almost dead.he never thought he could be the day after,25th,(people thought it was the 2th)mercury was in a wheelchair bed starving,his hands or legs wouldnt move,so he could not push his wheelchair. he looked wrinkly and white and pale,he was so cold.then he was asleep with no food.on the 26th he was dead.he is still rotting in his house frozen now.thats why he has no gravesite,only the fake one in london=his statue.nobody new about this.mercury’s frozen face looked so ghaustly.he looked like he was about to vomit.his neck eventually split in half,since he died in his”head up” pose.mercury’s face is all sour dry and freezing.his eye is bloodshot with a spiders web in it,and 6 dead wood ants.and about 60 dead ants burried up his nose.and his face,extremely thin.the death-frozen freddie can still be seen.without a single grave.mercury’s face is still moulding and getting colder,and getting much horrid-er.his last words were a screach of”FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD”.he never spoke.yesterday on the 14th of december he fell out his wheelchair.aids has nothing to do with freddie.
to describe the sight well,its mercury fallen out his wheelchair with a cold white frozen face jamed and filled with bugs.and his teeth,black.with a faint grey curly beard.DEAD FRED

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Not much is known about Brian Z. Some say it's because he is secretly preparing for the Z poc, others say it's because of the "incident" at Chicago Walker Stalker Con. All that we know for certain is he loves sci-fi, horror, and zombies.

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