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The Supermarket Monster

Once in a place far away, a very long time ago there was a boy named Roger. He was tall but a bit round. He lived in a big city where unusual things seemed to happen every day. 

For example, his uncle died. Anyway, Roger had lots of enemies in the city, all the people he used to like were now his enemies because he changed. He used to be a really successful banker named Ron, but he decided to go another way and now he is a hobo named Roger. 

Because of this, his friends thought they didn't like him anymore so they said, “You’re our enemy now!!!”  Roger was like, “Oh no, I have no friends but loads of enemies now.”

Roger lives day to tomorrow by the change he gets off strangers outside McDonald’s. Sometimes when he gets enough money he goes to the local shopping center called “Teco”. 

He can only buy things when they are on sale because he doesn't have much money. Sometimes he even gets enough change to buy chicken when it’s on sale. He goes into KFC and asks “Can you cook this for me?” and they do it because they are his enemies also and spit in the food. Yuck.

Today, on the windiest and stormy and rainy and cloudy and saddest of days he decided he needed to eat and went to Teco. When he went inside there were no baskets, which was weird. Roger thought that they must be giving them a break today so he kept going. 

He saw that their bread was on sale so he was going to buy it when suddenly a big fat hairy man ran up to him and said, “NO, that’s not for you!” The man took the sale sign away which made the bread go back up to $100,000!! This is all in the future so that’s normal for the future. 

Roger made a face similar to this D: and he said “But if you don’t give me that I will starve” and the fat man laughed and his fat went bouncy from laughing. 

Then one of Ron’s enemies died so Ron felt his anger rising (that happens when his enemies die) and he punched the man so hard that his fat fell off and the man was so angry that he cried blood. Then the lights went out so fast that Roger knew he was going to be murdered. 

A black mist came out of the cereal boxes and the bacon was flying everywhere, pancake mix splashing over the counters, freezers freezing at higher temperatures than normal so that it was freezing the frozen pizzas too much. 

Ron ran away, far away to that aisle that is always full of people since it has like loads of sweets and crips, yummy. There were like 10, no wait, 15 monsters there, all with black eyes oozing with blood and tears that looked like bacon but were actually dead people’s skin. 

He screamed “Fat man, help!!!” 

When the Fat man came the Fat man said this, “You punched my fat and now you will pay………………………………………………I am your enemy……” and then he ran and went inside a freezer but forgot that the freezers froze too hard now and he died from the freeze.

Roger ran to an exit and was almost out when he tripped on something. He looked down and saw his enemies saying, “Help me, the pancakes were too strong.”  

Then he said “No, I am Roger, you were Ron’s friend, not mine, smelly” and he ran out the door. 

He was safe, he got out, he escaped, he avoided death, he was alive, he was tall, he was safe, and he was ROGER. Then he went back in for the bread but forgot about the monsters! 

So when he got the bread, the monsters came out between the slices and cried blood from their mouths saying “we are your enemies, RON.” 

He said, “How do you know my old name?” 

Then they ate him and he just fell down on the floor crying from death. 

His last words were, “I am all your enemies”. Then he fell down and died. 

Just before he died he said, “I will now be a Supermarket Monster”. 

So when you are in a supermarket remember that Ron is waiting… (in the future though because it’s in the future remember?)

Credit To – Phoebe C

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