Cast of ‘The Suicide Squad’ (2021) Revealed at DC FanDome!

Have you been speculating about who's who in the upcoming film The Suicide Squad? Well, speculate no further. 

DC Comics and Warner Brothers continue to give fans exactly what they're looking for during the 24-hour DC FanDome event. During the panel for The Suicide Squad, the cast of the upcoming 2021 film was announced in a creative “roll call” featurette. Check it out below!

The Suicide Squad – Roll Call

The Cast

Idris Elba is Bloodsport
Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn
Sean Gunn is Weasel
Pete Davidson is Blackguard
Daniela Melchior is Ratcatcher
Joel Kinnaman is Rick Flag
Nathan Fillion is TDK
Jai Courtney is Captain Boomerang
Steve Agee is King Shark and John Economos
Mayling Ng is Mongal
David Dastmalchian is Polka Dotman
Alice Braga is Sol Soria
John Cena is Peacemaker
Juan Diego Botto is Presidente General Silvio Luna
Peter Capaldi is The Thinker 

Director James Gunn unleashed a series of character posters to announce the cast during the DC FanDome panel.

Find out more about all of the upcoming DC superhero content during DCFandome today.

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