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what im going to tell you some of you may no believe it to be true, i work on the screening processes of shows before they hit the air on cartoon network, it was about three weeks before the new seasons of all the major shows were set to start up, we had received a copy of the regular show, season 2 episode 1.
that day we all gathered to view it int he conference room, it came on, the usual title screen appeared the title read “rigbys big plan”, the first shot opened up zooming in on Mordecai and rigby, it seemed they were sweeping the front steps of the house, but, something was different, off, about the animation, they were moving more drowsily then they usually did, they stood there sweeping the steps for a annoyingly long amount of time, it had to be more then 2 minutes, then rigby started sweeping the steps harder and faster then before, looking extremely agitated and mad, then the concrete on the steps started to peal away, leaving a deep flesh looking gash in the ground, blood trickling out of it, in the background you could here a whimpering noise, it was echoing as if it was cumming from all around them, like they had hurt the earth and it was whimpering.
some of us looked confused and one of my co worker start to the DVD player to stop it, i stopped her, “no no no lets watch this through, if someone took this much time to prank us we might as well humor them” the next shot opened, it was just the stairs from a top angle, the blood from the wound slowly trickled down the stairs and into a pool of black blood, that looked to be growing vines from it in all directions. then we got truly disturbed, out of the puddle reached what seemed to be the hand of a toddler, then another, and another, tell there was 5-8 hands reaching out, they were the color of blood, and wrapped in what looked to be veins, then the crying started, it started low and slowly and picked up speed, the number of crying voices climbed, to were you could no longer count, then the flies, the sound of flies buzzing and the crying, and the show zoomed in slowly to the puddle, and you could hear a mother screaming above it all “oh my god, no, no my baby, my babys ruined, they ruined my baby, oh god no, no!” then the screen shot back to Mordecai and rigby, they were now driving the gulf cart, they were talking, in voices that sound like sandpaper being rubbed together, they had no expression, just a black look on there face, it was as if the only moving things in the picture were there mouths and the background scenery. they arrived at the diner, the next shot was them setting at the diner table, Margaret came to serve them, Mordecai looked at her when asked what his order would be, still the voices were very hard to make out, then clear as day he asked “will you go to the movies with me” but in a monotone voice, still devoid of all emotion. Margaret then shook her head and dissolved into what we saw as worms, but the worms were trailing steam, like there had been burning hot, it then went to a shot of Mordecai setting in the chair as the worms crawled up his legs and burrowed themselves in his legs and arms, then slowly he begin to deform, as if he was aging very fast, and his eyes turned to static, and then the screen stayed focused on his head from the front, only moving part of this animation was the static in his eyes, and putruding outlines of worms crawling under his skin, then behind his head faint outlines started taking place, they were outlines of body’s… infant body’s, they had looked as if someone had smashed them with a car, these must have been the baby that the woman was crying about, they materialized into full photos and the noise of flies, thousands at first, then millions, so loud we had to turn down the volume of the speakers, then the screen went blank, we though it was over, but we were wrong, terribly, terribly wrong. a grainy 1930s looking video appeared, in it where rotting infants hanging from barbed wires from a ceiling of some old broken down domicile, then came a man, a man in a, or should i say a figure, made of moving, black mass, of insects, you could hear them, there feet, and legs, and wings, you could here them, all million of them moving as the revolting mass neared the screen, he then presented the to the screen a baseball bat, and begging, smacking into the rotted infants with the baseball bat, they exploded everywhere organ and guts falling to the floor, then out the woman’s crying started back up, this time, much more frantic, and erratic, the man of insects ripped open his chest and out of it crawled 5 starving children, they had to have not been more then 60 pound each, they started gobbling and eating the pieces of the infants, they were not moving like any normal human would, they were spasiming, shaking all about like in a constant seizure, the sudden the pieces of the infants started to move, making whale moans as they slide across the floor gathering into piles of rot, then suddenly, it snapped back to mordicia and ribgy, this time they were acting there self’s, joking and playing video games on the couch, then rigby got up and unhinged his jaw out of it came a the noise of what sounded like small scared, hurt animals, then mordicia shoved his hand deep within rigbys opened mouth, and started ripping out tape, like tape from a casset and he just kept yanking and pulling out the tape, until the tape was covered in spiders that were crawling up his hands and going into his nostrils, he kept ripping and yanking until rigby was screaming and crying then he yanked once more and rigby became gory mush, and then Mordecai continued to get on all floors and rip open his stomach with one hand, out of his stomach came a large snake, which ate rigbys remain, then the screen went black, it was over, the end screen came up and we all sighed in relief after that day, non of us has ever agreed to review any new episodes of the regular show, i still have nightmares, and even once Ive seen the insect man, staring back at me in my mirror, actually, that was earlier this night, i started off writing this as a testement of what happened in case anything happened to me, but now im writing it as my suicide note, whatever i saw in that mirror earlier, has followed me for some time now, now i can hear the sound of faint nervous whispers coming closer to my door, i can see his insects starting to pour through my vent, my finger is now around the trigger the barrel is in my mouth, whatever evil i have unleashed onto this world, im sorry im so very so…

Credit To: cody wright

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Not much is known about Brian Z. Some say it's because he is secretly preparing for the Z poc, others say it's because of the "incident" at Chicago Walker Stalker Con. All that we know for certain is he loves sci-fi, horror, and zombies.

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