The Origin Of Eyeless Jack

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What follows is a Crappypastata. Beware, Crappypastas are terrifying short horror stories of varying quality, but usually, they are all bad. Any similarities to real-life events, people, places, or quality writing is purely unintentional.

These posts have received minimal editing for formatting and grammar to preserve your sanity.


It was any normal day, at 5:00 a.m. I was waiting for the bus to deliver me to such a given location right when it showed up. Alas, I didn't recognize the driver, for our normal driver was sick and at home. I proceeded to board the bus.

As I climb up the steps, a kid asks me to look at him. I ignore him, pulling my hoodie over my head proceeding to my seat. I fall hard, realizing he tripped me. I muttered “You'll regret that” then stood to walk towards my seat.

Shutup freak!” he replies.

I ignore him and stare out the window as our bus begins to move. Not 20 feet later, there is a loud crashing noise and a piercing thrust. My head goes through the window, the glass through my eyes. I swiftly pull the shattered glass out of my eye sockets. 

Right then and there, I am staring at my eyes on a piece of glass. I couldn't explain it. How could I? I turned to see the same kid that tripped me on my way to my seat. He screams in disgust at me. I get a weird feeling, one of which I can't explain. A feeling…where I just wanted to hurt. 

I knew it wouldn't heal my pain but it just seemed the most rational solution. I threw the glass at his eye causing him to scream, louder than everyone on this bus. I took my backpack off and stand up, but I feel a sharp pain in my lower back. 

My kidneys, this pain comes from my father, John. He smoked, cigarettes since he was 14 and I have dealt with second-hand smoke till last year when he died. Apparently, he was killed in his sleep with a knife, and everyone said the cigs would kill him first. I felt anger and pain and I rushed the driver. 

Just then I feel my lower back in even MORE pain. I turn to see a fellow student has pulled a pocket knife on me. A collectors edition swiss gear. Silver with studs. I quickly disarm the student holding the knife to his throat. “Don't make this too easy for me. In fact, I’ll give you a ten-second head start,” I say, deeply smiling. 

As he gets up to run, I stab him in the gut, then whisper in his ear “I lied.” I grin with an evil feeling much greater than the one I had before. I feel blood on my back then scream, “THAT WAS MY KIDNEY!” 

I jump on his cold body, violently ripping his flesh apart with my hands. I had biology so I knew exactly which organ was the kidney. The students look at me screaming in disgust as I pull his kidney out of his grizzly demolished body. “DON'T YOU LIKE KIDNEYS?” I begin to eat it when I hear sirens. 

I put back the half-eaten kidney then pry open the bus doors. I see the backwoods and proceed to head for them. I begin to run, sprint to an extent of which I have never done before. 

As I reach the backwoods I stand behind a tree, staring at the wreck. I feel something cold and slippery wrap around my mouth, something tentacle-like. 

It pulls me back and in a panic, I proceed to pull out the swiss knife my peer had stabbed me with. I raise it to cut the tentacle when I see the figure much clearly now. It had a white head, no eyes, no nothing but a bump of which seemed to have previously held a nose. It was wearing the same suit my cousin wore before he went missing years ago. 

I drop the knife and he removes his tentacle from my mouth. I stand to say, “Steven? Is that you?” he turns and vanishes, not speaking a word. I feel disgusted with my self. I wish to cry but nothing comes out. Just the sound of my sobs in self-pity. 

I grab the knife and begin to cut my lips. Once they're off, I think to stitch them. But then this thought dawns on me, “It'll leave a scar. I want no one to remember Jack like that,” and I decide to let it heal on its own. 

I walk into the woods. Surviving. Alone. Never to meet society again. Months later, I decide to eat. Something that appeals to me. A kidney, that would suffice. It was all I knew. All I had. Not even my own cousin would help me. 

I slip into this house and find my first victim. I stare at him for a while before I strike. Unfortunately, he wakes up. I rush out the window thinking to myself “Darn, this is gonna take some practice.”

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