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The Jasche Mirage

In 1913, the Jasche family of 13 persons resided in Tahoka, Texas.

The family thrived in their local society and were quite known and respected. They owned a business selling crops to the
local farmers and we’re well off for a big family ( ).

Clarence Francis Jasche (Sitting on the left) was the supporter of the family and provided the entire family with basic needs.
Edith Mabel Jasche (Sitting on the right) was the housekeeper and the mother of the children, she was quite fortunate as her grandfather left her the family house.
Earl Ray Jasche (Left) was Edith’s father and helped out with the family business. Russel Francis Jasche (Right) was Clarence’s older brother, they had a tight link and have
lived with each other for their whole lives, Russel was involved with the community and was very close to the Mayor Melvin’s daughter.
They had 9 children: (Back row) > Ada (5), Allen (7 yrs), Milton (12 yrs), Philip (11 yrs), (Front row) > Della and Lola (Twins, 3 yrs), Cassidy (4 yrs), Genevieve (6 yrs),
Cherise (Stillborn).

Cherise was stillborn when Edith was carrying her 8th child. One night Edith’s water broke and she bled from her bowels loosing 3 litres of blood. After this traumatic event
in her life she decided not to have any more children. The child was supposedly healthy as the local nurse told her and the reason of death was unknown.

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The legend of the Jasche house was merely a family terror story to the kids to prevent them from being naughty. The legend was of Alma, an entity that is
in a human form. Alma was responsible of the kids behaviour. If the child would persistently misbehave, Alma would appear around the child if they’re alone.
She would discipline the child by scraping her nails into the child’s tongue whilst the child being paralysed. Anyone who would see Alma would not be able
to see her face due to blurriness yet once the child was being disciplined, her face would morph into the face of a bat with wet, bloody, rotted flesh.

On Wednesday, 20th of August, it was the day for the Jasche family to take a family photo as seen on this picture. It was Clarence’s and
Edith’s 23rd anniversary. The family was planning to have a dinner and invite a few family friends and guests over. This was the last picture taken by the Jasche family.

As the story of witnesses went; when everyone arrived at the house, all the family members where dead on the floor covered in blood as the walls were too.
The limbs of the family members were changed with the person beside them, their eyes were removed and placed in their mouths facing the family members’ way.
Their eye sockets were filled with teeth and had honeysuckle vines. There was a fork stuck in the wall with multiple marks on the walls. The wall left of the bodies had
had the number eight grated numerous of times, sizes and angels. Many witnesses were in shock and many of them threw up on site.

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What remains unknown and ambiguous: the face seen in the window marked in the picture ( ) appeared just hours before the mysterious killing.
Jasche family was not the only family that was brutally massacred. There were 14 more similar cases occurring later that year.

Was it just a mundane psychopath “killer” or was is Edith’s stillborn child trying to warn the family of Alma?

Thank you for your time you took to read this. Feel free to criticize and/or ask questions!

Credit: Alex J. (CM)

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