The Invader Zim Theory

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The Invader Zim Theory:

Zim: Insane agoraphobic skin-diseased child.

Dib: Born when his mom was on crack, crack child, Mental illness, actually died at age of 7.

The Students: Are actually all mentaly insane, living in Cells, Imaginary class and teacher.

Gir: A doll that Zim has as his only “Friend”, Bloody in Zim's deranged dreams.

All mighty Tallest: Full imagination by Zim.

Other aliens: All are full imaginary by zim, except Tak, which is another skin diseased and mentally deranged human.

Gaz: Died 2 day's after she was born, hit Dib's head with a bat causing him to damage his brain.

The school: Actually the jail, which the school is actually imagined by all the child prisoners that got in because they are the most deranged and crazy batch of kid's around the world, and they imagine their life that they were supposed to have.

Zim's parents: Died before zim even got to see them, and was leaved outside for days, that's when the doctors found him and noticed that he developed somekind of green skin disease and his brain turned rotten.

Dib's mother: Died of cancer before dib fully came out, the doctor's had to cut here open.

Credit To: Zim

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