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The Hitchhike

One day I was driving home from my dorm as every Friday. It was already dark and the clouds covered the moon, the stars and any other possible source of light. Being not very wealthy student I had to count every coin and I never had a reasonable amount of fuel in the car. I don’t even remember if the fuel gauge ever showed more than half of a tank.
I was hoping that I could get home before I ran out of fuel, but it turned out I couldn’t. I was left on a dark road in the middle of a forest, where you have bigger chance to see a unicorn than meet another car. So I decided to walk. The weather wasn’t exactly warm and before me was a path, that could take hours to walk, but I had no other chance.
Suddenly I heard a sound of an engine and saw a pair of headlights coming towards me. I immediately stopped and sticked up a thumb hoping that the driver would take me to the next town. I didn’t have much chance as it was very dark and I wore a black jacket, but he stopped next to me as if he had seen me long ago.
The car was a pickup truck, a bit old and completely black, but clean and perfectly polished.
“Good evening, young miss,” said the driver quietly. “I suppose you would use a ride.”
“Hello. Would you please take me to the next town?”
“I certainly would. Take a seat.”
I got into the car and we drove off. I looked at the driver. He was wearing black trousers and black sweatshirt and didn’t express any emotion. “It’s not safe to hitchhike here,” he said.
“I had no other option. My car ran out of fuel.”
“Have you heard about the murders?”
“No,” I said in surprise. After a while I continued: “I know about some disappearances. But no murder.”
“It’s clearly a murder. Two young girls don’t just disappear in the middle of the forest road. The first one disappeared almost three months ago not far from here. And the second one just one month later. The woods around aren’t large enough for someone to get lost for such a long time.”
It sounded reasonable. I silently stared out of the window, trying to sort out my thoughts, when the man continued: “They both were hitchhikers. Soon someone will find their bodies, strangled and raped.”
“And what are you doing here?” I tried to change topic.
He paused for a second: “I am here to pick up a client. Nothing important.”
After a silent while he spoke again: “He still has one of the bodies at home.”
A silent thought that appeared in my head suddenly seemed realistic. While nobody around here didn’t know about any murder, this guy knows too many details and takes hitchhikers in the middle of the night. I was probably sitting in a car with a murderer and I couldn’t do anything. I could only hope to get home safe as I finally saw first lights of my town in the distance.
“Your parents ought to be happy to see you tonight,” his voice was still the same, but it suddenly felt cold.
The car stopped under the first streetlight in the town. I was shaking and I grabbed the door handle as soon as the car stopped. “Wait a moment,” his voice froze me in place. I didn’t dare to turn my face to him. “Tonight there were only two cars on this road. One is mine and the other belongs to the creep I was talking about. I just want you to know that I saved your life tonight. Goodbye.” Then I left the car.
As he was passing me, I swear I saw an old massive scythe on the bed of his truck.

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Credit: Atlas

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Not much is known about Brian Z. Some say it's because he is secretly preparing for the Z poc, others say it's because of the "incident" at Chicago Walker Stalker Con. All that we know for certain is he loves sci-fi, horror, and zombies.

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