The Happy Mask Salesman

The Happy Mask Salesman: A Short Story, Kinda (Crappypasta)

I love creepypasta.

Its stories were way better than the ones we were forced to read at school.

My favorite one, when Ben Drowned. I hoped you all are familiar with it.

About two months ago, my cousin gave me his Nintendo 64 and a box filled with games. I happen to go all the way to the bottom of the box, moving aside the Mario Party and Mario Kart cartridges. (Those I spent hours playing)

When I reached the bottom, I saw a scratched up cartridge, curiosity hit, and of course, I wasn’t gonna let it sit there.

So I put it in the Nintendo 64, and to my luck, it was Majora’s Mask. You have no idea how excited I was.

I remember the hours I spent watching my cousin play, and I would join too from time to time.

It brought back so many good memories.

Come to think of it; I don’t remember him ever beating the game, at least not when I was there. So I went straight to playing.

There was one save file that had all the masks and all the beaten temples; technically, it had been finished.

I wasn’t surprised my cousin has always been a gamer, the name he used was a little weird though it read: Hms. Hms?

What was that?

That wasn’t his initials, but I ignored it and deleted it anyway.

I made one file and name it Ben; (Surprise surprise) hoping that Ben would haunt mine too (Yea it’s stupid, but it was my favorite pasta).

So I started playing, and nothing happened until I got to the Happy Mask Salesman.

His face was stuck on the angry face he got when he finds out he doesn’t have the mask. It was pretty insane, but I thought the game must have been messed up due to the cartridge being scratched and in the box, who knows for how long.

So I continued playing normally as I would with any other game.

I got the Song of Healing from him, and on my way to Clock Town, everyone was there. I had to go back to the Happy Mask Salesman so he can tell me the famous “ You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?”

Instead, when he would’ve said that, was his little demented laugh. (Gave me the willies)

Then again (little that I know), I blamed it on the scratches.

To make a long story (Filled with 5-minute rage quits) Short, I beat all the temples and got all the masks.

I’m finally with the boss, and I defeated him, so I figured I should call my cousin. Before I could pull my phone out it, the screen went to a cut scene in which Ben (Link) gives the mask to the Happy Mask Salesman.

When Link gave him the mask, the Happy Mask Salesman (Whose face was still demented) puts the mask on, and the screen went black.

Now I’m freaking out!!!

Then I heard the demented laugh followed by Link’s signature scream, and the screen came back to an insane setting.

The Happy Mask Salesman was standing over Links dead body, and covered in blood.

I was in shock since I had never seen the end. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t think that was supposed to happen.

I called my cousin, but it kept going to voice mail, then I Googled the ending, and the results were nothing like the one I experienced.

I went back to the game, and the save file Ben was replaced by “I,” and the other file read “Win.”

Which together would read: I win.

I first played the file that read “I,” and it showed the Happy Mask Salesman with his demented face looking directly at me, and the text box said: “You have given me my mask… You have handed me your death”.

In fear, I pressed the reset button, but the text box clears and said: “What mask are you hiding in?” and it reset itself.

Then after that scare, I return to the original beginning and choose the file “Win,” and it showed the same figure of the Happy Mask Salesman standing over Links body.

I was scared and wondered did Jadusable have any problem with the salesman like this?

When I stopped wondering, I pulled the cartridge as quickly as I could without turning the console off, and the image was stuck on that demented setting and the Happy Mask Salesman.

I ran away as fast as I could, and that image got stuck in my brain, every time I close my eyes, I see the picture, and like a stain, it remains on my mind.

It wasn’t that bad that I couldn’t sleep. However, now and then I have to check behind me, even at school, I find myself isolated looking around for him.

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All of my friends tried to help me, but I couldn’t stop being paranoid. Then one night, I got a text from a number that read 64; the text said: “What mask are you hiding in?”

I was scared, and I bordered myself in my room for the majority of the time.

Well, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I had to ask my cousin what was happening: why was this happening?

I rode my bike to his house, but when I got there he wasn’t there, and the house has been sold (I couldn’t believe it, he was gone, and I knew nothing about it) I turned around and was startled by a little boy about the age of 6.

“Hi,” I said, still in shock of his appearance.

“Hello,” He said

“What’s your name?” I asked

He ignored that question and said, “Are you friends with the man who used to live here?”

“Oh, uhh yea he was my cousin”I replied

“My mommy made me give him my game” He blurted out of nowhere.

“Oh, uhh, why?” I asked, knowing he was talking about Majora’s Mask.

“My mommy made me; she said it was an evil game.”

I sighed (what does a 6-year-old know about an evil game) while looking at the vacant house, then I looked back, but the boy was gone. I

was scared. Had I imagined it?

No, he was clearly there. My heart started to race, then I went to the neighbor’s house and knocked on the door, a middle-aged man answered.

“Yes?” He said harshly

“Hi, the man who used to live there” I pointed towards the vacant house”Do you know where he went?”

“Sorry, but no, he was acting weird for the last couple months though,” He said, scratching his chin.

“Like what?” I asked

“Well, for starters, he was very isolated; he would never leave the house, and whenever he did leave, he would go on ranting about a possessed game, he was crazy some people say he was taken to a mental hospital.”

“Ok, umm, thanks then,” I said as I left, and he closed the door.

I rode home in a rush, and then when I got there, I sat at the frozen tv screen and started talking to it. I don’t know why I just did.

“What are you?

“What did you do to my cousin?”

Casually I would imagine his little demented laugh. Then the screen changed.

I don’t know how I looked at the 64, and the cartridge wasn’t there.

Then a text box appeared and said.”Pick up the controller lets play.”

I picked up the controller pressed A, and then the screen changed, and I was Link, and I was in Clock Town, but it was all on fire, and if I touched the fire, Link would instantly die.

So I followed the open path, and I went through north Clock Town everyone was there…everyone was there, but the salesman wasn’t.

Everyone stood in the fire looking at me; I kept following the path until I got to a door.

Should I have opened that door?


Did I have a choice?


I opened the door anyway and went inside. It was the Happy Mask Shop that was supposed to be in Ocarina of Time.

I couldn’t do anything but talk to the Happy Mask Salesman. I saw that he had two masks. One looked like a re-deads face, and the other looked like the salesman. He stood at the counter, watching me run around until I finally went up to him. He said.

“Hello, would you like to try a mask?”

I had two options yes or no.

I hesitantly chose no — bad choice.

His face turned more demonic by his mouth opening, and his eyes bleeding. He started to shake his head while a re-deads scream shook my eardrums. I dropped the controller and plugged my ears the best I could.

I looked at the tv, and a Text box has appeared it said. “TRY MY MASKS!”

Yes was the only option, and I chose it to stop the screaming.

He gave me the mask, and his face went back to the original demented one. I went through the inventory (Which was empty), and I chose to put on the mask.

Link put on the mask, and he went through the- what looks like a painful -transformation, then he was a re-dead with Links cap and hair.

I walked around for a little, not knowing the meaning of this, and whenever I try choosing the un-equip button, he says this: “You don’t want to do that…”

I had no choice but to go talk to him, and when I did, he said: “Would you like to trade masks?”

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Again only one option, so I chose yes. He then took the re-dead mask and gave me the one that looked like him.

When I chose to put it on, there was no transformation; he just had the mask on his face, similar to the masks in Ocarina of Time.

Nothing happened until Link dropped to his knees and started shaking his head. He was trying to fight something.

The Happy Mask Salesman was watching Link suffer as if amused by it. That scene went on for a while until Link dropped dead. The hero of time dead at the salesman’s feet. He stood there looking at Link, then he turned to me and said.

“It resembles you, how you suffer until you drop dead… you will drop dead sooner or later… just like your cousin.”

I read those words, and I didn’t know what to say. The text box cleared and said:

“So what will it be? Will you try to keep your sanity? Keep fighting for that last sane thought? Or will you let yourself drop-dead silently?”

I didn’t know how to answer that; I knew that either way, I will lose.

Not knowing if he would reply or not, but I said: “Why are you doing this?”

He laughed; I was quite shocked when he responded: “I love to watch the suffering.”

“Ok, and that little boy I talked to who disappeared, was he like your puppet or something?”

“The little boy who gave your cousin my game? No, not a puppet, you don’t want to know what or who he was…”

“Why not?” I asked

“Its for me to know and for you to never find out,” He replied, then it was followed by his laugh.

“Ok, so what now?”I asked, not knowing if anything else was going to happen.

“This,” the text box said, then he pulled out Majoras mask out of nowhere and put it on.

The screens flashed from setting to setting some with the salesman standing over Links dead body, or even his demented face with the bleeding eyes and wide-open mouth, shaking his head. I was expecting some more re-dead screams, but they weren’t.

It was ordinary people screams it took me a while to notice, with it being loud and all, but I finally realized that those where the screams of his past victims.

I knew my scream would add to the collection he has. I dropped the remote to plug my ears, and the pictures were flooding my eyes. Then suddenly, it all stopped.

I looked at the screen, and it was black, Then I saw my mom standing at the doorway. I realized I had screamed.

“Are you alright?” She asked cautiously.

“Yes, mom, thanks,” I replied.

“What happened?” She asked, slightly relieved.

“Got shocked by the 64,” I said.

“Ok then,” She smiled, and she left closing the door behind her.

I didn’t have any more problems with the Happy Mask Salesman again. Well, I can’t say that.

Every night those pictures and screams haunt my dreams. So I hid the cartridge where I hope it’s safe. And as for my 64, I kept it to be sure.

I’m still not over it, over those screams and those pictures. I have got slightly better until I thought of something, the Happy Mask Salesman was right; I dropped dead fighting for my last sane thought.

I had another nightmare since the last one, and it was about the encounter with the Happy Mask Salesman, the screams, and those pictures again.

I woke up, and I saw a little illuminating light; I turned to see where it was coming from, and I saw that it came from the TV, and in red words, it read, “I win.”

Credit- A dude named Ben (We think)

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