The Doll Part Two

GeeK Short Stories The Doll Part Two 2

The Doll

Part Two:

I heard a noise by the door. When I looked up at it, there was Wisteria looking through a little window that she opened in the door smiling at me with a huge grin and excitement in her eyes. “Do you like my dolls? They are my friends, forever!” she said.

At that Wisteria closed the little window and left me by myself. What did she mean forever? I can’t stay here forever, this was definitely NOT the adventure I had planned to have today.

For the first time since entering the room I looked around for any way to escape, but there was nothing! No window, only the one door, and a vent in the ceiling that was only as wide as my hand and as long as my foot.

Nothing that would allow me to get out. I just wanted to go back home, to my own room, to my own toys…to my mom!!

I went over to the bed and noticed the sheets that were neatly folded at the end. Just to give myself something to do, I put the sheets on and sat down on the bed, letting out a huge sigh. I had to come up with a plan…something…anything.

I don’t know how long I sat there before dozing off or how long I had slept, but the next thing I knew I was waking up.

Then I heard it, the noise that must have woken me up. It sounded like a cart being pushed down the hallway. It wasn’t loud, but the house was just so quiet I bet you could hear an actual pin drop and hit the mattress of the bed from 3 rooms away.

The cart must be stopping at every room because when it stops I hear a door open and close then the cart moved again. When it stopped at my door I was a bundle of nerves. What was going to happen now?

The door slowly opened and in walked this little old lady who looked to be 200 at least! Very thin and pale looking as if a stiff wind would knock her over.

But in she walked, well more like shuffled, and looked at me with the kindest eyes I had ever seen before in my life. She didn’t say anything but was carrying a small bag that she set on the bed at my feet and then left.

As soon as the door was closed I moved to see what had been given to me. Inside the bag was a pair of pajamas, a dress I assumed was for tomorrow and a robe. What was this? The Hilton of prisons?

I remain calm as I look around, hoping maybe I missed something from earlier. I crouch down looking under the bed again and I don’t see anything, but…did I feel a draft? Where could that be coming from?

I look around at all the dolls lining the shelves and notice that one of the doll's hair is moving slightly. I walk over to it. It is a gorgeous dark-skinned girl with violet eyes and the fluffiest, softest hair I had ever seen.

That hair was definitely moving slightly, so I pick her up to get a good look behind her. What I see is a small door handle that is recessed into the wall and what looks like a panel missing that would have covered the recess and hidden the handle.

What is this door handle for? I can’t see a door that it would open.  I’ll have to check it out!!

I waited a very long time before I went to see what was behind the little door I found. I kept hearing little sounds outside the door that I was scared of. I wondered when Wisteria would come back and if she would tell me why all this was happening.

I kept listening for sounds as I crept to the shelf that held the door and slowly reached for the handle. I really hoped it wouldn’t creak or make any noise.

As I opened it I saw what appeared to be a very thin hallway that ran between the room I was in and the room next door, but it was different than that too. The hallway ran a long way in both directions, straight through where the hall I walked down when I first arrived was.

What the heck is going on with this house???? Hallways running through each other but not intersecting? I must be losing my mind, could this all just be a dream?

I stuck my head farther into the hall through the door and decided, what the heck, this may be my only way to get out of here. I stepped through and closed the door behind me. I turned to my right and walked, and walked, and walked until I got to a corner. I turned right again and walked some more.

I was getting tired when I saw another door, not quite like the one that had been in my room, but one that had a window where I could see into the room. This scared me because I obviously didn’t want to be caught and ruin my chance to escape this mad crazy place.

I took a quick look and there was the old lady, sitting in a room that was really similar to the one I had been in.  Only this one had a table and two chairs along with some crafting supplies. You could tell it had been lived in for a very long time.

As I was looking, the door creaked open all on its own and the old lady looked up, startled. When she saw me, she smiled a beautiful smile that took years off her face and quickly put her finger to her lips as she got up and came through the door to stand next to me.

She gestured for me to follow her. Should I trust her? I didn’t know, but I didn’t know where to go to get out either.

I whispered to her asking if she would help me get out, she just kept smiling at me and trying to get me to follow her. We walked past many more doors with many more windows, all showing people of various ages.

I tried asking what was going on here but the old lady never answered, she just kept walking. We turned corner after impossible corner, how could this house be so large?  It was only a tiny house when I entered.

We finally got to a spot that the old lady stopped and she whispered to me then. She told me she knew who I was. That she was actually my Aunt. I didn’t have an aunt, especially since she was sooooo old, it couldn’t be.

She told me that Wisteria survived by taking years off the people she kidnapped and when she was through with them or bored she had them memorialized into the dolls. And she didn’t want her fate to be mine.

She told me I had to quietly go through the door we were standing in front of, go to the end of the hallway between rooms, and I then would be outside. I was to go home, don’t stop anywhere and don’t tell anyone what happened here.

She gave me the warmest hug I had ever received by anyone other than my mom and gently pushed me to the door. I opened the door, took a quick look back before stepping out into the warm sunshiny day, and ran home.


“I know you helped her. You know I wanted her, needed her. I know you helped her mom escape years ago too. But I have time…she will forget what happened here, just like her mom did.

When she has a daughter though, I’ll be here… waiting.

The old lady just shook her head yes, that she knew. What she didn’t know was what was going to happen to her now since the girl was capable of just about anything.

The girl just stood there, looking out the window at the passersby. They were just out there, enjoying the beautiful sunny day.

Nobody noticed the little girl, staring out the window, holding her beautiful new doll. The one that looked just like a little old grandmother with the most peaceful face you could ever imagine.


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