The DMR 14 Has Become the Meta in Call of Duty: Warzone, But Not for the Best [Update: Raven Will Balance DMR]

Update: On January 5, 2020, developer Raven Software confirmed on Twitter that the DMR 14, Type 63, Mac-10, and other controversial weapons will be balanced “soon.”

Original Story: Following the recent integration of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War into Warzone, players have gained access to a breadth of additional weapons to use. Having said that, a majority of players have gravitated towards one weapon in particular: the DMR 14. This semi auto tactical rifle is so overpowered, it can take out enemies in 2-4 shots, making it one of the most used weapons in Warzone's history. If you jump into a Warzone match today, you'll no doubt come across a slew of players using the DMR, and your only choice to stand a chance is to use it, yourself.

The result is…bad. In a game with now 80+ weapons, you'd expect to see some diversity in the loadouts being used, but at this point, most encounters are made up of DMR vs. DMR. Because of that, you don't have much of a choice in selecting your loadout. If an enemy player sees you first and is within medium to long range, you're done for unless you've got a DMR to combat them.

Take a look at this clip from Twitter user, TheTacticalBrit. In it, you can see just how devastating the weapon is, along with a player's reaction to being eliminated by it. It's funny, sure, but a clear indication of a weapon that desperately needs a nerf.

Prior to the Black Ops Cold War update, Warzone had its fair share of “meta” weapons. These are weapons that are frequently used in order to keep up with the best players. Examples include the MP5, Kilo 141, M4A1, and SP-R 208, with a few other options sprinkled in between. But even that small pool of weapons offers a bit of variety — all of which have been thrown out the window now that the DMR has been added.

Here's another clip from Twitter user, cameron_wilkins. You can see the player eliminate an entire four-player squad with one magazine of the DMR — which is relatively unprecedented compared to most weapons in the game.

It's greatly imbalanced because no weapon stands a chance against the DMR, which features extremely high damage, relatively low recoil, and can be fired quickly to pull off devastating squad eliminations — even if you're outnumbered. While it's expected that the DMR will be nerfed in a future update, Raven Software, the team in charge of supporting Warzone has not confirmed that the weapon will be balanced.

And therein lies the problem with “meta” weapons. Even with having a robust offering of firearms to choose from, players will always gravitate towards a small handful of them unless the entire suite of weapons is balanced — a task that is far easier said than done. Until the DMR is nerfed, you'll likely continue to see the majority of players using the weapon throughout Warzone, making it harder to enjoy in most cases.

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