The Best Places to Buy New World Coins (Don’t Get Scammed)

Amazon Games' New World launched a few months ago, and already game players are looking for ways to purchase coins for their in-world purchases.

The massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) allows players to overcome the brutal legions of The Corrupted, forming groups of up to five members, joining factions—Marauders, Syndicate, or Covenant—as they draw battle lines against competing players. To succeed in these pursuits, players have to node resources, craft items, and gain control over settlements while exploring the world, conquering quests, and fighting valiantly against other players and fierce monsters. Of course, coins help make these aspirations a little more achievable.

To help game players who are venturing into this new realm, we have compiled a list of the best places to buy New World coins without getting scammed.

The Best Places to Buy New World Coins (Don't Get Scammed)

The Best Places to Buy New World Coins


As the name suggests, LootWoWGold is one of the best sites to get World of Warcraft gold, but it is also one of the best places to buy New World coins. When you go to the website, you will have to pick which server you play on (from Aarnivalkea to Zuvendis), and from there, you can see which items are available to purchase. Presently, on the Aarnivalkea server, you can purchase 1,000 coins for $5.49 and 200,000 coins for just over $1000, so depending on how much you want to spend (or buy), you are getting a pretty sweet deal.

Whether you just started playing New World or you have been playing since the game first launched, it's a smart idea to stock up on in-world coins. With everything in the game being built by the player, you should stock up on currency and keep plenty in reserve for major purchases.

LootWoWGold also has an easy-to-use check-out system for making your purchases and has a 100% refund policy that you can use if you change your mind. If something goes wrong, there's also live chat and 24/7 customer support via email.


Another popular site to get all of your in-world game currency, G2G, started selling New World coins shortly after the game launched. This system is a little more complex than what LootWoWGold offers, relying on users to input their own desired coin amount to figure out how much you'll owe them in return. As it currently stands, New World coins in the Sitara server are going for around $3.66 per 1,000 coins.

G2G also offers 100% protection through their Game Protect program, allowing you to assess the seller's rating and reputation before purchasing from them. That's a great way to ensure that you don't get scammed. In addition to dealing with in-world currency, the site is all about virtual payment features too! So if you utilize an unusual form of virtual payment, you'll probably be able to use it on G2G.


In addition to buying New World coins, you can also purchase power leveling on  SSEGold to help boost your character's power, in addition to weapons mastery. For around $200, you can boost yourself from 1-20 or speed straight to level 60 for $800.

The prices for SSEGold's New World coins are comparable to most of the other sites that we consider to be the best places to buy New World coins. For around $3.94, you can purchase 1,000 coins on the Aarnivalkea server or splurge on 500,000 coins for $1868. Things are a little pricier on the Sitara server, featuring prices at $4.45 for 1,000 New World coins.

SSEGold is considered very trustworthy by gamers who utilize it for buying WoW gold. They allow you to make your purchases from several different payment options, and they guarantee refunds for all acceptable reasons.


MMOWTS offers more than just New World coins and power leveling; you can even purchase New World items from their digital marketplace. When we checked out the site, they didn't currently have any New World items available to compare prices.

On the Aarnivalkea server, you will spend on average around $4.14 to purchase 1,000 New World coins, which is on par with the other sites. For $640, you can take your character from level 1 to level 60 with a guaranteed coin bonus. Additionally, this power leveling will gain you 190 attribute points, high-level gear, loot, a tier 5 campfire, and even allow you to purchase 3 hours to facilitate fast travel.

If you have a spare $640 laying around or even just $8.28, you can improve your New World character's standing in only a few clicks of your mouse.

The Bottom Line

When you are looking for a safe site to make your purchase on, one of the things to factor into the cost is how easy it is to utilize the website. While LootWoWGold's New World coins are more expensive to purchase on the Aarnivalkea server, the website is extremely user-friendly, making the additional price completely worth it.

As New World continues to become a popular MMORPG game, there will be many more websites that promise safe trades and sales for coins, but you should always be cautious when choosing where to spend your hard-earned real-life money. Always check out the website, read through reviews, check them out on chat boards, and ensure that you are doing things safely. As with anything, use your judgment and shop around before making any decisions.

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