I Would Like to See the Baby: The Best “Baby Yoda” Tweets and Where to Buy Him

I think we can all agree that the world has been a pretty dreary place since The Mandalorian season finale.

For two months our Fridays were dedicated to the cutest little guy in the galaxy. Sorry Din Djarin, I'm talking about the Child. With the species of the Child currently unknown, the world and the internet took to affectionately calling him “Baby Yoda”.

With May the Fourth behind us and no new Star Wars content on the horizon (except for Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian) it seems like the perfect time to take a look back at the best Baby Yoda content on the internet — and where to buy some sweet merch.

The Best Tweets About the Child 

If you've been involved with the Star Wars fandom for any amount of time, then you've likely encountered the toxic parts of it online. But it was love at first sight for all corners of the fandom when Jon Favreau brought the Child into the world.

It's true. The Child is worth the seventy-dollar subscription fee.

Even people outside of the Star Wars fandom fell in love with the little bundle of joy.


Obviously the answer to Baby Yoda Fever is to skip to the end of this article and purchase your very own Child today.

We've all been there, haven't we? Everyone has a camera roll filled with pictures of the Child, like a proud parent… Right?


Sorry, Baby Groot. You are kindling in comparison to the Child.

The Child might protect, but he's also earned himself a lot of protectors.

Melina has some valid points.

Move over Gerber Baby, we've got a new poster child.

Some people have even been encouraged to make edible versions of the Child. I'm not sure that this is the way.

Even Ryan Seacrest knew how to celebrate Star Wars Day. This is the way.

Someone call Mulder, because Scully's talking about the cutest alien in the galaxy.

We all fell a little bit in love with Mando because of his care for the Child, didn't we?

And who knew that Baby Yoda catching his frog snack could be so inspirational.



Bring The Child Home

In the newly immortal words of Werner Herzog's character The Client, “I would like to see the baby.” Since the season finale of The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda Fever has swept the world.

In an effort to maintain secrecy, toy production was heavily delayed until after the Child's reveal, devastating Christmas shoppers everywhere.  But fear not, you can find the Child in an online store today.

Star Wars The Child Plush


Star Wars The Child Plush – $25

For only $25 this 11-inch The Child Plush could come home to you this week. It has has a soft body, plus a sturdy base filled with beans, which is perfect for cuddling or filming adorable videos of it romping around your house.

Star Wars The Bounty Collection

small child

Star Wars The Bounty Collection – $16

Sipping Soup, Blanket-Wrapped | Don’t Leave, Ball | Froggy Snack, Force Moment

There are three different $16 two-packs in this collection.  You won't be sorry about bringing home these little bounties. Be advised they are very small, but they are still strong with the Force.

Funko POP! Star Wars: The Mandalorian


Funko POP! Star Wars: The Mandalorian – $9

Concerned | The Child with Cup | The Child with Frog

You can buy Funko POP! figures almost everywhere, but the concerned Child is exclusively only available at Target. There's no shame in purchasing each variation the Child.

The Child Plush ezgif 3 08faede3ad13

The Child Plush – $25

If you're just looking to cuddle, then this 11-inch plush is exactly what you're looking for. Unlike the other 11-inch Child, this one has an entirely soft head and body. He's even wearing a super soft faux-suede coat.

The Child PopSockets

The Child Tea Gloss 01 Top View Baby Yoda Pod Gloss 01 Top View

The Child PopSockets – $15

You can rock your love for the Child on your phone with these fun PopSockets. They come in six different styles and some you'll only find on the PopSocket website!

The Child Chia Pet apizugahu 55816.1588604911

The Child Chia Pet – $20

Chi-Chi-Chi-Chia. If you're a child of the 80s and 90s then Chia Pets are a major nostalgia throwback. Now you can combine your love for Star Wars and quirky plant growing with your very own Child Chia Pet! They are currently available for pre-order.

The Child Animatronic Plush


The Child Animatronic Plush – $60

When Hasbro launched the advertising campaign for this toy, the internet lost their minds! He's not just an adorable plushy, he's animatronic! He makes twenty-five sounds and motion combinations, including happy giggles and excited babbles. His head even moves up and down, his ears move back and forth, and his eyes open and close. He's worth paying $60 for.

The Bottom Line

You can find more The Mandalorian merchandise on shopDisney, Target, GameStop, and more. There are dozens of t-shirt designs, socks, and shoes featuring the Child, stickers, and decals, and even jewelry and purses. It may have taken Disney awhile to get the merchandise out, but now that it's here there are a ton of options to show off your Baby Yoda love.

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