The Top 12 Gaming Chairs From TechniSport

Every gamer knows the misery that comes from spending too many hours playing your favorite game in a bad chair. You stand up to grab a drink from the kitchen and realize that your back is killing you like you personally fought that final boss battle. 

Gaming chairs have come a long way over the years. Companies have found ways to take emerging technology and blend them with uniquely stylish designs that feature long-lasting comfort. You no longer have to hunker over in your cheap office chair while you roll the dice in your favorite RPG, you can spend hours battling in an elite gaming chair from TechniSport. 

How Do I Select the Right Gaming Chair?

When you’re looking for the perfect gaming chair for you, there’s a lot to consider. Are you looking for a statement piece? Do you want basic black or are you looking for a bright design to make your gaming room stand out? Do you have pre-existing back problems? If that’s the case, you’re going to want to focus on lumbar support. Do you get hot while you’re playing? Then you’re going to want to explore models that utilize breathable fabric. 

Fortunately for you, TechniSport offers twenty-six stylish designs with comfort in mind. Whether you’re looking to improve your posture while you’re gaming or you’re looking to impress your friends during your next livestream — we’ve got a list of twelve of the best gaming chairs that are fan-favorites in the esport community. 

TechniSport’s Top 12 Gaming Chairs 


TSF71 Red Echo Series Gaming Chair —  BUY NOW for $246.99

With a sleek, beautiful gaming design this gaming chair comes with adjustable lumbar support, built-in neck padding, and a molded memory foam seat! The TSF71 Red is a breathable gaming chair that will delight even the most sophisticated gamer with its high-tech features.

If you are planning to spend several hours of intense Battle Royale gaming in a chair, this may be the best one for you. The Echo series design is slightly different from the rest! This chair is made out of fabric upholstery, which allows the perfect amount of airflow while you're playing those intense games! 

The chair has a heavy-duty steel frame and nylon base with the dual non-marking wheels.

3% of the sale goes towards disaster relief efforts. 


TS92 White ProGamer2 Series Gaming Chair — BUY NOW for $313.99

The White ProGamer 2 is a sophisticated and eye-catching chair, with a mixed design of black and white that evokes thoughts of racing through winding streets in an elite race car.

The TS92 features a height-adjustable seat mechanism, with tilt tension control and TechniFlex's own synthetic upholstery for breathability. The tilt tension control helps keep your back supported, while the recline mechanism helps you find that perfect angle to recline back and game.

The memory foam seat, pillowed neck support, and additional adjustable lumbar support is designed to bring you the maximum comfort in this chair. It even features adjustable cushioned armrests that you can set to the right height for your body.

The chair is built on a metal frame, with a nylon base that is perfect for stabilization and strength for extended gameplay. The double wheels also have non-marking dual casters.

3% of the sale goes towards supporting our veterans.


TS42 Kawaii Colors Gaming Chair — BUY NOW for $360.99

If you've been dreaming of a kawaii chair design to add to the aesthetics of your game room, look no further. This chair is gorgeous. The sleek white base is accented with iridescent trim, and an eye-popping trio of pink, teal, and purple.

The TS42 Kawaii Colors Gaming Chair will bring your dreams to life. As one of TechniSport's best sellers, the chair will wow your fans over Twitch while bringing you TechniSport's signature comfort design and multi-point back support.

The neck support pillow features a two-sided design, so you can make your choice between white or purple and the lumbar support pillow is shaped like a kawaii pink heart that really sells the aesthetics of the chair.

Like all TechniSport chairs, the TS42 is built on a strong metal frame, durable nylon base, and features non-marking dual casters.

3% of sales will go to causes that fight to end breast and childhood cancer.

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TS83 Black GameMaster Series Gaming Chair — BUY NOW for $389.99

The TS83 Gaming Chair is known for its taller and wider frame, as well as its guaranteed comfort, style, and quality. This Game Master Series chair is loved by many and is a top choice due to its luxurious feel and wow effect.

Take your gaming to the next level. The chair features top-of-the-line armrests, a sturdy metal frame, and premium vegan leather which guarantees that you will be sitting on the very best.

For $370.99, this particular model also comes in eye-catching grey and white and grey and pink designs. It's sophisticated and sharp style will instantly transform your gaming room from a dull space to something spectacular.

The TS83 chair features 4D adjustable cushioned armrests, which pivot and shift forwards and backwards to maximize the personal customization. The chair is built on a heavy-duty steel frame and base, with double-wheel non-marking casters.

3% of the sales goes towards causes that support Alzheimer's research.


TS43 Pink ProGamer Gaming Chair — BUY NOW for $313.99

The TS43 is one of TechniSport's best sellers. Known for its endurance, comfort, and multi-point back support, the Pro Gamer Series will improve your gaming experience forever.

The chair's dual-tone black and pastel pink coloration is the perfect design to upgrade your gaming space and make an impression the next time you go live. But it's not just the aesthetics that makes this chair a must-have. It features a high-quality memory foam seat, adjustable neck and lumbar support pillows, and height-adjustable armrests.

Like all TechniSport chairs, it's built on a sturdy heavy-duty steel frame, with a black and pink nylon base, and non-marking wheels.

3% of the sales goes towards causes that fight against breast cancer.


TS52 Purple GG Series Gaming Chair — BUY NOW for $313.99

The TS52 comes in a striking white and royal purple coloring, which is the perfect addition for playing all of those popular unbeatable games that keep you up all night. 

This chair is all about bringing you the maximum comfort, as it features adjustable neck and lumbar support pillows, a memory foam seat, and TechniFlex synthetic upholstery for improved breathability.

It also features a height-adjustable seat mechanism, with tilt tension control that allows you to recline back 150° and find the perfect position for your late-night gaming binge.

The chair is built on a durable steel base and double-wheel non-marking casters.

3% of sales goes towards causes that support (ALS) Lou Gehrig's disease.


TS61 Grey Comfort Plus Gaming Chair — BUY NOW for $375.99

The TS Comfort Plus Series is your best bet if you are hunting for the most comfortable chair on the market. It's one of TechniSport's best chairs for prolonged gameplay, with its sleek ergonomic design, full-back lumbar support, and the U-shaped neck pillow for extra support.

Unlike other designs, the full-back heavy-duty memory foam pillow provides users with the maximum comfort you can buy. The chair also features 3D adjustable cushioned armrests.

This chair also comes in gold, silver, and purple designs. Read all about the TS61 Comfort Plus Gaming Chair in our recent review.

3% of the chair's sales goes towards causes that support Alzheimer's research.


TS63 Aqua LUXX Series Gaming Chair — BUY NOW for $379.99

If the Kawaii Colors Gaming Chair wasn't the answer to your pastel fantasy, the TS63 Aqua LUXX Series Gaming Chair might be your dream come true. The shimmering pastel teal and white duo, paired with the diamond-shaped quilted pattern makes this chair a stunning addition to your gaming room.

Known for its unique white padded armrests and matching white base, this chair's multi-point lumbar back support will improve your sitting experience in style. It features a high-quality memory foam seat with lumbar and neck pillows in a two-toned aqua and white design.

Equipped with a 150° degree reclining mechanism and heavy-duty steel frame, you won't have to worry about kicking back and relaxing.

3% of the chair's sales goes towards causes that fight against hunger.


TS70 Blue Geo Series Gaming Chair — BUY NOW for $294.99

The Geo Series Gaming Chair features an innovative geometric design and provides the ultimate comfort experience, which is perfect for long gaming sessions. The high-quality techniflex upholstery stands out with its modern tri-color pattern and carbon fiber detailing. 

Comfort, quality, and durability are the three essential characteristics of this chair. Not only is it attractive, but with the ultra-soft neck and lumbar pillows, high-quality memory foam seat, and padded adjustable arms — you’ll never regret this purchase. 

The Blue Geo is built on a heavy-duty steel frame and durable nylon base with dual non-marking wheels. 

3% of sales goes towards causes that fight against hunger.


TS83 Pink GameMaster Series Gaming Chair — BUY NOW for $370.99

If the TS83 Black didn’t fit with your aesthetic, perhaps the TS83 Pink GameMaster is the right choice for your style. It has all of the same must-have features; premium vegan leather, padded armrests, high-quality memory foam seat, and adjustable soft lumbar and neck pillows. But this addition is a favorite when it comes to design. 

The sleek grey and pink diamond stitch pattern and the sophisticated dual-color design will instantly upgrade your gaming space. 

Just like the other models, this chair is built on a heavy-duty steel frame with double-wheel non-marking casters. 

3% of the sales goes towards fighting breast cancer. 


TSXL3 Grey GamerXL Series Gaming Chair — BUY NOW for $379.99

The TSXL3 is among the largest gaming chairs you can buy from TechniSport and is undoubtedly a must-have if you exceed the height and weight capacity for their other fan-favorites. 

This chair doesn’t hold back on design; it features a sleek black and grey diamond stitch, two-tone styling, and blends breathable Techniflex synthetic upholstery with premium vegan leather. It also has an adjustable extra-large lumbar support pillow and adjustable neck support. 

Like similar TechniSport chairs, the TSXL3 features a 150° degree reclining mechanism, to help you find the best position to game in. It’s built on a heavy-duty large steel base, with double-wheel non-marking casters so you can move around without fear of ruining your floors. 

3% of sales goes towards helping Alzheimer’s research. 

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TSXXL2 Red GamerXL Series Gaming ChairBUY NOW for $419.99

If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your next gaming chair purchase, look no further. The TSXXL2 comes in an eye-popping red color, all the while being built for extra comfort. It’s also one of the largest chairs you can buy on the market, in case you’re looking for more room when you game. 

Built with comfort in mind, this chair features a plush memory foam seat built on an incredibly durable oversized reinforced steel base that holds up to 400lbs. The removable oversized lumbar support pillow is made from an ultra-soft plush velvet-like fabric is a perfect complement to the bright red accents. 

Unlike some of the other chairs mentioned, this chair only reclines back to a 135° degree, but it does feature the same height-adjustable seat with tilt tension controls. 

3% of sales goes towards disaster relief efforts.

What if I need a desk too?

If all of these gorgeous TechniSport gaming chairs have made you anxious to revamp your entire set-up, you’re in luck because they also offer gorgeous desk designs that will color coordinate with your new chair purchase. 


Techni Sport Gaming Desk – Jabba – BUY NOW for $309.99

You won’t need to speak Huttese to understand why you need to buy this gaming desk. 

This desk features a white laminate carbon-fiber like desktop and comes in three accent colors; blue, green, and red. The “Y” design is scratch-resistant and made from a powder-coated steel frame, for durable gameplay. Keep your desk organized with a cupholder, headphone hook, and cable management to keep all of your gear within arm’s reach. The gaming desk is easy to set up and even easier to clean. 


Techni Sport Gaming Desk – Finn –  BUY NOW for $199.99

With this desk, you have the choice of a white or pink laminate carbon-fiber like gaming surface, on a sturdy steel frame that is rust and scratch-resistant. It’s equipped with a cupholder and headphone holder, as well as a spacious desk surface and elevated 47” wide monitor shelf.

This set-up would pair nicely with TechniSport’s TS83 Pink GameMaster, as it’s got a lighter, more modern feel. 


Techni Sport Gaming Desk – Stryker – BUY NOW for $294.99

Stryker is the perfect gaming desk if you’re looking for a statement piece that comes in red, white, or blue. The black carbon-fiber like laminate top sports two adjustable and removable monitor shelves, with the functionality of two cup holders and a holder for your headphones.

The Y-shape frame is made from scratch-resistant steel to give you a long-lasting and durable gaming experience.  

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Techni Sport Gaming Desk – Transformer BUY NOW for $256.99 

This desk lives up to it’s “Transformer” name. It comes with three customizable rotating desks, that allow you to position your monitors exactly how you want them. You have endless possibilities not just for arranging your desktop, but stowing your favorite video games and tech gadgets in the under desk storage. 

This desk comes in a clean grey color, made from durable MDF panels and laminate desktop surface. It may be currently out of stock, but this one is worth waiting for. 


Techni Sport Gaming Desk – Warrior – BUY NOW for $315.99

The Warrior is one of the TechniSport’s best selling desks and there’s a reason why. With its sleek black carbon-file like laminate surface and L-shape design, it’s perfect for any gamer looking for a multi-monitor set-up. 

The desk comes with two cup holders and a headphone hook for convenient storage. Plus the two adjustable and removable monitor shelves help you customize your space. The scratch-resistant steel frame comes in two colors (silver or white) to help you color coordinate your gaming chair and desk combo. 

This is a multi-monitor gaming desk you won’t want to miss out on. 

TS 3803 GPH06

Techni Sport Gaming Desk – Envidia – BUY NOW for $351.99

Sadly, the X-wing isn’t included in this one. But the Envidia is the perfect multifunctional gaming table for gamers looking for a more sci-fi-friendly design. The scratch-resistant frosted tempered glass desktop sits atop a durable steel frame in a sleek graphite color. 

This desk is ambidextrous friendly, designed to suit both left-handed and right-handed gamers. There’s ample space with this I-shaped style and there’s ample legroom if you like spreading out while you’re caught up in a major game campaign. 

This is truly one of the best set-ups available from TechniSport, you won’t regret this purchase… even if the Darth Vader wall doesn’t come with it. 

The Wrap Up

Now that you’ve seen what TechniSport has to offer hopefully you’ve been taking notes on all of the features that can help improve your gameplay. Think about design, comfort, and durability as you take account of all that TechniSport’s gaming chairs have to offer. 

And if you had sticker shock while looking at any of these chairs, keep in mind that they all come with multi-year warranties and you should think of them as an investment. Especially if you’re serious about your video games. Having the perfect gaming set-up can help you make a name for yourself in the esports community! 

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