Tabletop Tunes Brings Tabletop Board Games to Life

Are you a Dungeon Master looking to add some drama to your next round of Dungeons and Dragons? The brand new Tabletop Tunes app will bring a captivating new level of enchantment to your next meeting! 

Tabletop Tunes

Earlier this month, the well-known film and game composer Anthony Sabatino launched the very first adaptive music application that was specifically made for tabletop gaming. The app, which is available for Apple and Android users, features four categories and numerous sub-categories to take users through magical forests, quaint villages, glorious kingdoms, caves, and dungeons, and ultimately culminating on the battlefield.

“With so many people still spending most of their time at home, I wanted to give both new and longtime tabletop gamers a much-deserved, long overdue soundtrack of their own,” said Tabletop Tunes founder Anthony Sabatino in the press release. “Much like accompanying music enhances the power of a great TV show or movie, Tabletop Tunes can turn any Saturday night board game into an exciting and more meaningful adventure.”

Tabletop Tunes allows gamers to have complete control over the music, creating a personalized gaming experience. For example, increasing the battle music intensity with the slider may bring in more horns or strings, while decreasing it will minimize the overall musical arrangement. The end result is a captivating new level of enchantment for gamers of all ages and experience levels.

To use the app, gamers first choose a category: Explore, Town, Battle, or Miscellaneous. Next, it’s time to pick a subcategory, including Explore, Fantasy Forest, Cavernous Cave, or Dark Dungeon. From there, users can select a track, and ultimately pick from three Battle levels: Mild, Tense, or Epic. An Intensity Slider allows gamers to adjust how bombastic they want their personalized game soundtrack to be, as the game continues and culminates with music that rings either victory or defeat. The Boss Battle track cannot be adjusted, however, as it is the most intense level and designed for fantasy dragon-slayers.

The app was built by musician and programmer Jacob Johnson and designed by artist and software developer Christie Xu. The man behind the music is Tabletop Tunes founder, Anthony Sabatino a film composer, conductor, and music producer who has worked on nearly 100 gaming, film, and TV projects.

While there have been other sites designed to provide you with the perfect ambiance while you play your favorite tabletop game, Tabletop Tunes is the first app designed to give you wider control of your gaming experience.

Tabletop Tunes is free to download. Premium music packs are available for $3.99 per pack, or $9.99 for all three products.

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