The Best Drones for Sale in 2020

Best Drones for Sale

Previously only used for weather analysis and for carrying warheads, drones have found more practical and innovative use.

Drones have exploded onto the market in the past few years. The significant rise in the sales of drones has to lead to innovative features, and some cutting-edge technologies, these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) are catching the attention of the more and more general public with each passing day.

Drones are no longer just for the elite and officials, as these UAVs have managed to introduce itself into the world of technology and every business is looking forward to capitalizing drones to the best of their capacities. We all are familiar with its basic and most popular use, which is to make high-quality aerial videos but in recent years, companies have come up with some creative ideas to make the best use of these unmanned aerial devices.

You don’t need a pilot course or expert advice for operating these drones, as they come up with easy to use interface and you don’t need a big studio budget to capture amazing aerial 4K resolution video, though the hardest part might be picking the best large drone present in the market.

There are many UAV’s with different features and prices present the market, and if you are buying one for your own, you need to do your research beforehand, In this article, we will discuss some of the best large drones of 2019.

Seven Best Large Surveillance Drones for Sale

Let's face it drones are just cool! I have been dreaming about having my very own drone since I watched the TV show Viper.

If you don't remember Viper, it was a short-lived knock off of Knight Rider and featured a super cool Dodge Viper that among several other feats of awesomeness could deploy a super slick drone. Luckily, the drones for sale today will let you relive Most of the glory of that awesome show.


Plus, what better way to prepare for the zombie horde than your very own surveillance drone? Now be forewarned some of thems options are not cheap, so will want to view our post on how to get free gift cards to knock fifty of more dollars off the cost.

 DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air
DJI Mavic Air 
3-axis stabilizer | 3-way obstacle avoidance | Small enough to fit in a coat pocket | 12MP stills | 4K video | Up to 21mins flight

Smaller in size then its ancestors, DJI Mavic Air has proved to be best of the lot, its 32.0MP sphere panoramas are definitely worth the hype, you can take it anywhere with you because of its lightweight and foldable design. With an addition to that, DJI Mavic Air supports 4k video at 30 frames per second and with its three-axis gimbal, you can achieve full stabilization even during high-speed motion. The Mavic Air Intelligent Flight lithium battery will give you up to 21 minutes of flight time per charge so you can fly up to 4km (2.48 miles) away and back.

Like it’s relative “Spark” you can control the DJI Mavic Air with hands gesture as well as a mobile phone, but the best reason to choose Air might be its obstacle avoiding sensors, we all needed that, didn’t we? Now you can fly your drone with confidence, more than ever.

GoPro Karma

GoPro Karma
GoPro Karma
Built-in 5-inch screen | 20 minutes flight time | 3km range

GoPro Karma is one of the most popular drones in the market. Not only it is unique but quiet a packable and compact machine. It offers a lot more than any of the existing drones as it can be quickly unpacked and made to fly just in few seconds. Most cameras in the drone industry are fixed and cannot be removed, but GoPro karma has a Hero 5 black camera that can easily be removed from its drone. Perhaps it is the unique feature because the same camera can also be mounted to a handheld gimbal or either can be used independently.

With the maximum speed of 56 km/h, it can last its flight for about 20 minutes with a single charge. This versatility gives more power and time to the user, which potentially helps to implement creativity and productivity.

The GoPro karma comes with a rechargeable battery, charger, a remote control, removable Hero 5 black camera, and a karma gimbal mount. Although it may not be the smallest drone in the industry, it can still easily be fitted in a regular backpack. Due to this, it is widely prevalent among Vloggers and Youtubers.  Its folding mechanism has made it easy for the arms to flip forward and be compacted. It also comes with an integrated 5-inch touch screen and traditional flight controls that easily fold up just like the drone.


16 minutes flight time | HD video | 2-axis gimbal | Obstacle avoidance | 1.2-mile range | 100m with phone

Every great product in the industry is always known either by its unique feature or by the audience. It serves. DJI Spark is the most reputable drone among all the beginners, from drone photography to film making; it serves its purpose aggressively.

Designed to fit in the palm, it is quick and sleek having only o.2 lbs weight. With the max speed of 50 km/h, it can quickly fly for 16 minutes in a calm weather condition of a single charge. The f/2.6 wide-angle lens on the camera helps in capturing minute details with better clarity. Having a 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor enables the camera to capture stunning video at 1080p and images at 12 MP.

The DJI Spark is the drone for teenagers and youth. It sums up all the versatility in a single machine from its lightweight to hand gestures. Spark has all a beginner can ask for. Moreover, other feature of DJI Spark also includes real-time screaming from as far as 2km. The drone is always aware of its surroundings thanks to its intelligence-based software known as flight Autonomy.

The drone can easily launch and land safely by avoiding obstacles when flying. A unique feature also includes the hand gesture control system which enables the user to control the drone by hand movement. All this makes DJI Spark a perfect choice for any beginner and photography enthusiast as it is cheaper than its other high-end relative models.

Yuneeq Mantis Q

Yuneeq Mantis Q
Yuneeq Mantis Q
33 mins flight time | 168 x 96 x 58 mm (folded) | 4K video capture (30fps) | 1.5k video transmission range

Yuneeq Mantis Q can easily be described as the alternate to DJI Mavic Air with a cheaper price tag. The Yuneeq may sound similar to unique, but its features can take your attention for a moment as it offers the same high-end features at a lower price point.

Weighing in at only 480 grams. The Yuneeq Mantis Q has a foldable design and hence is dubbed as a travel drone, known for convenience and portability it can easily be fitted in a traditional backpack and is always ready to take out and fly. Made from a cheaper looking material but is very handy and reliable. The max speed for Yuneeq Mantis q is 21.6 km/h but enabling sports mode can take it up to 72 km/h with a flight time up to 33 minutes of a single charge in optimal conditions.  The range is 1.5 km, which is also handy for travelers and Vloggers.

The controller is a simple, minimalist twin-stick affair that feels comfortable in hand. It has a spring-equipped smartphone holder to keep your mobile firmly in place while you’re piloting the drone. Equipped with 1/3.06 inch CMOS, it has a view field of 117° and can shoot 4K @ 30fps, 1080P @30fps and 720P @60fps with Image stabilization. It can also shoot still photos in JPEG or DNG RAW format at up to 4160 x 3120 resolution.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian Edition

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian Edition
DJI Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian Edition
30 mins flight time | 7km flight range | 4K video at 60fps | 5-directional obstacle avoidance | 20MP 1-inch camera sensor

Before the rise of Mavic, Phantom 4 was the highlight of DJI; Phantom 4 Pro is for the professionals, who take their work quite seriously and want excellence in imaging and video quality, it is equipped with a 1-inch 20-megapixel sensor, which enables us to shoot 4k/60fps video. The main advancement that Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian Edition brings is its new robust magnesium gimbal. The camera features a mechanical shutter and a 1-inch sensor equipped with 20 million pixels and an ability to shoot 4k aerial shots at 60 frames per seconds.

The Obsidian can achieve the top speed of 45 mph in its brilliant sport mode. In one charge, it will give you a flight time of up to 30 minutes and a maximum control range of 4.4 miles. The Obsidian’s FlightAutonomy system will provide you with dual rear vision sensors and infrared sensing systems that can sense obstacles in 5-direction, and it also offers 4-directions for obstacle avoidance, isn’t it brilliant?

Turbo Ace Matrix S

Turbo Ace Matrix S
Turbo Ace Matrix S
40mins flight time | Up to 60mph speeds | Fits various cameras, inc. GoPro Hero range

For those of you who look for cute design and beginner-friendly controls in a drone than this one might not be for you, Turbo Ace Matrix S is significant, I mean 1,110 mm in diagonal large, it is also not for the new pilots. Matrix S is intended for the professional level filming and photography, I repeat, the Matrix S is for serious people who are looking to spend serious money for doing some serious work.

It has proved to be a game-changer in aerial video and photography, its triple carbon fiber deck gives strength to its 1000mm wide wingspan but don’t worry, its wings are foldable to fit inside your handbag so you can carry it with you anywhere you want.

With colossal size comes, enormous responsibility and Matrix S is responsible enough to give a flight time of 40 minutes in one charge and has a range of 1.2 miles, and with its 8-inch monitor, you can see your footage in real-time. Amazing, if you ask me.

Parrot Disco

Parrot Disco
Parrot Disco
First-person view glasses | Up to 45mins flight time | 1.24 mile/2km range | Fixed-wing design | Up to 50mph

If you are bored up with the conventional design of drones and looking for something new, Parrot Disco might be your go-to drone, it distinguishes itself from its competitors in terms of unprecedented aerodynamic design and capabilities, it is naturally designed to fly like a plane, with its fixed-wing structure, it can easily reach up to the whopping speed of 50 mph. Parrot Disco comes with an option of cockpit glasses (FPV) to give you an immersive flight like experience, its built-in wide-range camera lets you shoot full HD 1080P videos and 14MPx photos, and it can stay in the air for up to 45 minutes, all thanks to its 2700mAh battery.

Parrot Disco not only looks a bit different but it flies a bit different too, you need to press the start button, hold it in the air until it says ready and then through it like a paper plane. Parrot Disco lets you enjoy the thrill of the ultimate flight-like experience. You can always go between straight lines and turns, turn up-side-down and enjoy the view, then speed up, dive down and climb back up, cool right?


Drones have lately brought revolution in the film industry, the machines which were once shown in sci-fi being used by the military have now become the talk of the town for both professional and amateur photographers and filmmakers.

A drone has arguably three main features for which it can be assessed upon, and if these features and characteristics are well enough, one might feel a need to have them all the time for all their projects and ventures. The range, recharge time, and flight time are those main features that can distinguish drone popularity among other competitors.

 DJI Mavic Air


Flight Time







  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • 3-Axis Stabilizer
  • 4K Video


  • Not Cheap!!!
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