The Storm

Crappy Pastas

The Storm

I noticed something strange the other day. My house seems to be getting smaller. I am sure everyone feels this way at some point. When you are cooped up in such a small space day after day, your place just starts to seem too small.

I feel like this storm has raged on for years. Of course, it hasn’t, it must be only a few days or a week, but I have lost track of time while staring out at the vast snowy whiteness from my small bedroom window.

I have considered venturing out into the snow, but there is nothing in sight: just white. My small car could never make it in such high snow, I would have to walk. I never measured it but it must be many miles to the next house.

Sometimes my neighbor comes to visit me and brings me soup or plays board games with me; I guess he had been more prepared for the storm than I. He is able to leave his house, unlike me, but he seems just as bored and cooped up as I am. If only this storm would pass!

I had just moved to this area a few years ago, and I do not recall a storm that had been as bad as this before. I will be more prepared next time. I do not even own a heavy coat; all I have is my thin pajama pants and the blankets from my bed to keep me warm on this night.

But this house, it certainly feels smaller.

I regret painting the walls white now, it reminds me too much of the white snow outside. I always thought white makes rooms look larger, but somehow I am beginning to feel like the paint itself is sucking the air out of the room, making the walls close in on me.

Maybe I am just a bit claustrophobic; I have heard that mild cases of claustrophobia can be caused by being cooped up in one place for too long.

I just know something is wrong with this house. It is definitely smaller.

I think tomorrow, after my neighbor Carl comes over for dinner, I will measure it. No, I think I need to measure it now. I feel like as I sit here writing this down, the room is very slowly starting to shrink! I think I just saw it move!

I could not find my tape measure anywhere. This house is starting to play tricks on me. I know I left it in my desk drawer, but when I went to look for it, it was nowhere in sight!

Now that I think about it, a lot of things have seemed to have gone missing lately. Maybe as the house shrinks, it will eat anything in its path! No, that is silly. It is just cabin fever; I just need to get some fresh air. I will open up a window. That will surely help.

The window was frozen shut. At first, I started to think that the house doesn’t want me to leave, that it was trying to block off any escape routes, so I went to the door. I opened it just a crack and peered out into the snow.

That was all I needed. I was being very silly; the door had opened so the house could not be trying to trap me. It was surely just the ice stuck to the window that kept it from opening.

I decided to get some sleep, maybe if I rest my head I will be able to think more clearly. Carl is coming over tomorrow, and that will help me to feel less alone.

He probably feels the same as me because of this dreadful snow, but at least he can leave his house. Maybe I will ask him to take me for a drive, maybe we can have dinner at his house instead.

Last night I heard moaning coming from the walls. I now certainly think that this place is haunted. I don’t know how I never noticed it before, maybe the storm brought the ghosts with them!

I decided I would write my name near the corner of the wall, and if it was gone in the morning, I would know for sure that the walls were shrinking. And guess what! It was gone! I am not crazy after all!

I decided last night that I would hold out here until Carl arrives and I would have him take me with him, never to return to this dreadful place.

I do not feel like I am in immediate danger since the walls only shrink by one or two inches a day. It would take quite a while to crush me to death at that rate. I will just sit and wait until he gets here.

I hear something. I am going to press my ear to the walls and maybe I can detect where the creatures are that are eating the space in my home.

I can hear them shuffling around in there. It is louder than normal; I think they are going to try to eat at the rest of the house before I can make my escape. I think I even heard one of them say my name.

I tried the door, but of course, it was frozen shut now. They know I plan to leave. I wonder if these creatures can control the weather.

I am going to look for my hammer. I will try to break through the wall to find them. I know they will likely hide in another wall if I break through this one, but at least the hole will give me more space. They will have more to eat before they could get to me!

Of course, my hammer is gone. What else could I expect!? Haha, these creatures are very smart indeed! But that is okay, I will find something else to breakthrough!

Aha! I begin to kick and punch at the wall but barely dent it. That is okay! I have a better idea! I will use my pillow to shield my hand from the glass and I will punch a hole through the bedroom window. It is a pretty small window but I think I can get through.

I hear my name! It is Carl! Oh, thank God! He could take me out of this place! Oh, Carl, I have never been so happy to hear the voice of another human being, a voice that does come from the walls!

“Well now, what on earth have you been doing in here?” says Carl. I try to explain to him about the creatures in the wall that have been trying to eat away at my home, and eventually get to me. I tell him that we need to get out of here NOW!

He seems very calm considering the horrible story I just told him about!

“Well sir,” he says calmly as he begins to make my bed. He pulls something from under my pillow and holds them out to me in his palm, “This is why you need to take your medication. Why there must be three days worth of medication here. I thought we could trust you now, sir; you had been doing so well. Why did you stop taking them?”

Hahaha, they got to you too now Carl? I should have known my house would not be the only one affected. They must have eaten away at all of Carl’s house like it has been trying to do to mine, and it has begun to control him!

“Nurse, I am going to need some back-up in here” Carl yells out calmly.

Two other men enter the room and grab me by the arms. I will not be taken without a fight!!! They eventually strap me down and inject me with some horrible medication to mess with my mind.

I will tell you, it worked for a little while. I started to believe their little story that I had some mental breakdown and I took their medication for a while.

Now, I am sitting here writing this, I have smartened up. I have stopped taking those pills they use to control me and I am plotting my escape.

I must get out before whiteness takes over again.

Credit To – B. Paige

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