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Stephanie Kirkland: Discusses Running A Business, Fitness Competitions, And Supporting Women

Hello! This interview is with Stephanie Kirkland. Stephanie Kirkland owns a Gainesville, FL based construction company, since 2005, and is committed to excellence in every aspect of the building process. She is licensed and insured Florida General Contractor, CGC1509604. She prides herself in treating her clients with honesty and integrity.

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Stephanie, how do you define success?


My company’s success is measured within the success of my clients.


I commit to establishing long-term relationships with my clients and to exceed every expectation they have.


As a contractor, I provide construction management, remodeling, new construction, kitchen, bathrooms and more. Stephanie Kirkland Builders, Inc. (click to see her website) recognizes that a successful project requires efficiency, dedication, and good communication with all involved parties to achieve the client’s goals.


You also own another business, can you tell us about it?


I also own Fit n Tan Personal Training and Custom Spray Tanning (click to see her website). 


How did you launch Fit n Tan?


I am a 4-year breast cancer survivor. I had 7 surgeries between February 2011 and January 2013, all while going through a brutal divorce with an abusive husband.


On February 24, 2011, I had a double mastectomy followed by 2 emergency room visit in June and July to end up in surgery with a scare of Ovarian Cancer. Thankfully it was not cancer, but in the meantime, I had permanently damaged my bladder leaving me a lifetime of kidney scans and medications.


I believe God gave me that cancer to open my eyes. I was stuck in an abusive relationship, living in constant fear. Had I not been faced with a glimpse that my life could be ending at any time, I would still be living that nightmare. God made me realize how I had wasted my life by living in fear, in turmoil.


Once I was diagnosed I knew I could no longer live the life I was living, I could no longer make my daughter, mother, sisters or the rest of my family endure the hell I had placed them in.


The years of 2011 and 2012 were a nightmare I never want to relive, but thankfully I endured it. I am on top of the world now. Living life to the fullest, appreciating every minute I have and having no regrets.


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God opened my eyes, my heart and my soul to dreams that I could make a reality. I am proud of Fit n Tan, where I customize personal training and spray tanning. My goal is to reach all the woman who have or are still walking in the path I was once on. Abusive relationships, body altering disease or accident, self-esteem issues, etc.,  I am here to help them through the process of healing, emotionally and physically. My purpose is to motivate, inspire and build up all those I come into contact with.


What are you most proud of?


I am most proud of my due diligence in anything and everything I put my mind to. I am not a quitter! Being a female in the construction industry can be very trying, but I stand on my own two feet. Making bodily improvements every year at my age makes me proud.


Any upcoming projects you are working on?


I currently do projects for Habitat For Humanity, along with a few other commercial and residential projects.


How has social media impacted your business?


Social media has had a great impact on my business, along with word of mouth. I also advertise on Yelp and Angie’s List.


What is the one thing you wish everyone knew?


I am a very scheduled individual, which keeps me on track.

I became a Figure Competitor after my battle with Breast Cancer and divorce.


How does fitness and working out fit into your schedule?


Fitness has a VERY Important part of my everyday life. It has kept me healthy and sane. I make time every day. First thing in the morning is my fasted cardio before breakfast. I weight train every day during my lunch time, then another round of cardio after my evening meal.


I want everyone to know, that no matter [what] your emotional and body challenges are, you can always overcome!!


Last Question: What superhero inspires you the most?


Wonder Woman!!


As I went through my Trials and Tribulations, all of my friends and family started calling me Wonder Woman. I think it was the way I handled everything that was thrown at me during those trying years.

Stephanie Kirkland


Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing some insight into your inspiring life. Congratulations to you on everything you’ve accomplished, and what you do for the women in your life. 


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