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Sitting in the backwoods along a slow moving stream the event started. First a small vibration than a large shake and then finally the hillsides and mountains cracked and parted. The land itself changed causing rivers and tributaries to dry out in favor of easier routes that led into the gaping maw and eager mouths of the earth. Things left sleeping for centuries awakened by the water rose with new vigor and started making their way to the surface. Nature has come to reclaim its self from man and for this purpose it gave birth to the monstrosities that now roam free killing anything in their path.

How do I know all of this you ask? I’ll answer you. it was because I was there along that slow moving creek fishing. The first little rumblings of the event seems like nothing more than then myself getting a buzz from the beer I picked up before I took my fishing trip. Then came the large shake. standing up to reel in my line a large a crack sounded through the valley followed by a a jolt in the ground that sent me straight to my ass. I stared in awe watching the river before me start to disappear into the giant crevice that had formed on the other bank and I stood for what seemed like hours watching the muddy creek bed slowly being exposed after hundreds of years being of submerged. Little did I know this event echoed throughout all the land on Earth and would soon bring down a living hell on all the life that stood above the surface.

As the remaining water disappeared into the earth my ears were greeted with a cacophony of wailing and howling. The other fishermen stood frozen along the bank trying to make sense of what they were seeing but every nerve in my body screamed for me to get away so I ran. Pushing through the trees I hear people running behind me being taken. Their cries of pain coupled with a chorus of inhuman roars as one by one they were ran down.

Bursting through the trees I sprinted to my waiting car hitting the side of my door hard enough to knock the wind out of myself. Slamming the door shut and catching my breath I see the first of the creatures break through the branches. It stood only a little over four feet tall on its hind legs. Covered in tiny, writhing hairs. It’s face bore a oversized jaw pointing up into a giant oversized nose. It’s large ears scanned the area as its long tongue hung out the side of its mouth from between two of its jagged teeth.

I held my breath as the thing slowly walked forward, ears jolting back and forth, scanning in every direction. It seemed like it couldn’t see me but it stayed in place sniffing and listening. Just at that moment my phone rang. Both ears focused in my direction and the monstrosity screeched bearing its teeth as it launched its self through the air with surprising speed driving its gore covered claw through my windshield. Starting the car was met with another chorus of screams from the woods. I threw the car in reverse throwing the monster off my hood as I slammed the car in drive and sped off.

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The only direction I could think to go was to my girlfriend. She lived only a half an hour from where I was fishing and after checking my phone I saw that she left me a voicemail asking if I had felt the tremor. I called her and explained what had happened to her and to my surprise she didn’t question what I told her. All along the road I started to see pillars of smoke start to rise from the towns that bordered the highway and the realization set on me that this horror was only the beginning.
It seemed like forever before I pulled up to her house in the middle of town. My heart sank seeing the streets empty. Stepping out of my car tears started building in my eyes as I looked at the vacant spot her front door once stood. “I can’t be too late, I can’t fail her like this!!” I screamed in my head. Cautiously I stepped in the house to see it torn apart. “Amber, where are you!?!” I cry out into the darkness then I hear a small whimper from under the overturned couch.

In one quick motion I flipped the couch back over and lifted her to her feet. Showering her with relieved kisses and “l love yous”. “What happened?” I quickly asked “they…. they just came through the door, Milly was running around barking….. Oh my god Milly!!!” She said frantically gaining a sense of consciousness. “Baby there was nothing you could do” I said stopping her. it was clear what had happened. The little dog barked distracting those monsters as she ran away leaving an unconscious Amber laying in the whirlwind of wreckage that used to be her apartment. Tears filled her eyes as I said “she was a good dog baby, she saved you”. I held her close as she cried for her lost friend.

After a short time we regained our senses and I had her help me look for supplies we could use. Boxing everything up as fast as we could we gathered what we could find but as we were about to exit we heard glass shatter from the basement. My mind went from zero to sixty instantly and by accident I tipped a cup over to its side. The monstrosity tore upstairs and stopped in the hallway blocking our exit.

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It sniffed the air and salivated, ears ever twitching, listening for something alive, something to kill. Amber and I stood frozen, scared that any sound would have it lunging forward. Slowly it shambled into the room and to my horror right past me in Ambers direction. “No, not her it can’t take her!!!” The voice in my head screamed as my panicked eyes darted back and forth looking for something, anything to change our situation eventually falling on the butcher’s block on the counter next to me.

Reaching out to the shiny handle of the closest knife I could reach I grasped it. The knife made a small scraping sound as I freed it from its block. The creature turned to face me only to whip back around at the sound of Amber gasping in fear. That was my moment. with every primal instinct in me boiling to the surface I lunged forward onto the creature’s back knife in hand. screaming, stabbing
and twisting as much as I could until the creature was nearly decapitated. With a final gargling cry the creature choked on its own blood and ceased to live.

rising up from the scene of gore I had created I was met by the loving embrace of Amber who immediately kissed me and pulled off her shirt to bind a wound on my arm that I had not even noticed obtaining in the struggle.
We washed in the sink and found fresh clothes for ourselves. Quickly moving everything we had packed into the back seat of my car. Behind the choir of inhuman howling we sped off with the few supplies we had, our lives and each other.

if you find this note I thank you for reading I had to tell someone that we are alive and about how this all started. The phones, radios and all electronics have stopped working and we have long since went north. the creatures are everywhere but don’t seem fit for the cold. I have nothing to back up this observation but it’s better than nothing I guess. Good luck, stay down, keep your loved ones close, and most of all stay quiet.


Credit: David Keys

About the Author

Not much is known about Brian Z. Some say it's because he is secretly preparing for the Z poc, others say it's because of the "incident" at Chicago Walker Stalker Con. All that we know for certain is he loves sci-fi, horror, and zombies.

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