Star Wars: The Bad Batch “Aftermath” Review (Spoiler Free)

One year ago today, Star Wars fans gathered around their screens to say a final goodbye to Star Wars: The Clone Wars. We all bore witness as Anakin became Darth Vader and Order 66 ravaged the clones that we had grown to love as they struck down the Jedi that trusted them. Star Wars: The Bad Batch picks up mere moments before the disaster of Order 66 strikes, but from a fresh new perspective. 

Star Wars: The Bad Batch “Aftermath” Review (Spoiler Free)

Within the first minutes of “Aftermath,” we are treated to a surprise appearance by a familiar character that we know very well later in their life. If you’re reading this mere minutes after my article has gone live, there’s a reason I am not revealing this appearance. I was surprised when they appeared on my screen and I want you to be just as surprised. 

When the Bad Batch arrives on Kaller to provide assistance to a Jedi and their Padawan, we see the tragic turn that the clones take under Palpatine’s order — but will Clone Force 99 fall prey to Order 66? This question sets up for a heartbreaking climax over the course of the 70-minute episode. 

The Bad Batch with Omega Aftermath

From there, the premiere of The Bad Batch treats viewers to a movie-like experience: conflict, firefights, intrigue, humor, and so much unexpected heart! For a group of clones that we have only seen in a single episode of The Clone Wars, the Bad Batch are a mismatched group that you just want to love. 

For those that may not remember the premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the four-episode arc that introduced us to Clone Force 99, The Bad Batch is a clone commando special forces squad of clones who were designed with genetic mutations that make them highly specialized in specific traits. 

Their leader Hunter has enhanced senses, Wrecker has brute strength, Crosshair is an expert sharpshooter, and Tech is exceptionally smart. At the end of their Clone Wars arc, a clone named Echo joined their team after he was outfitted with cybernetic replacements for lost limbs that made him more cyborg than clone. 

Omega The Bad Batch Aftermath

“Aftermath” also introduces audiences to a new character who was teased in the trailer and sparked volumes of fan theories. Omega has the potential to be a very interesting character and I, for one, am excited to see how her dynamic will grow with The Bad Batch. It’s also nice to see a female character at the center of the story, when the series is dominated by five male characters. 

The episode also features several other familiar faces who we saw in the trailer — including my personal favorite, Saw Gerrera. 

Saw Gerrera The Bad Batch Aftermath

Ultimately, The Bad Batch feels like a continuation of The Clone Wars. The animation style matches the seventh season of the series, and with Kevin Kiner and Kiner Brothers Music masterfully orchestrating the scenes it feels like coming home. 

While we know what happened between Order 66 and Star Wars: Rebels, getting to see the ramifications of the order and the seizure of control by the Galactic Empire through the eyes of the Bad Batch sets up the potential for something entirely new and refreshing. 

The premiere of Star Wars: The Bad Batch is the perfect way to celebrate May the Fourth and it teases the potential of opening up new avenues that led to untapped threads of potential. 

Looking for a recap of the full episode? Check out our recap of “Aftermath” here. 

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