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Click the video for a Reading of SpongePix.avi by Morgan Strebler, The Celebrity Mentalist. Enjoy!!!


Hi, My Name Is Keith. Like Every Other Creepypasta, I Doubt You Are Going To Believe Mine. Last Saturday, I Was Sitting On My Couch When A Strange Man Knocked On My Door.

He Looked Like He Was No Older Than 21. He Gave Me A Strange C-D. I Said, “Thanks!” And I Closed The Door.  Next Decided To Put The Strange CD In My Computer Out Of Curiosity.

Once I Put The CD Into The Computer, The Video Automatically Started. LITERALLY Automatically Started!

Usually, Windows Movie Video Or Some Confirmation Message Would Come Up But No, It Just Started. “Are Ya Ready Kids?!” came up, and I Jolted outta my seat. It Was Loud enough to pop your Eardrum! But something was Strange.

You would expect The Kids To Say “EYE EYE CAPTAIN!” but Instead, It Was A Mixture Of BloodCurtling Screams And Crying. Not The Cartoon Cry.

It Sounded Real. Oh, God. I Will Never Forget Those Screams.

The Normal Intro Started But When Spongebob Was Going To Whistle His Nose His Eyes looked inhuman. They Were


He didn't Even Whistle His Nose. He Just Stood There For About 20 seconds Then it cut right to the

It Started Outside Spongebob's House. It Was The Same Frame for 50 seconds with no sound. Then A Single Frame Flashed Over the screen. With The Frame And No music. It kind of reminded me of Squidward's suicide.

I Went Back, and I Was Terrified. It Was A Picture Of Something VERY Evil. It's Indescribable. That Picture is Burned In my Head Forever.

I Will Upload The Video To Youtube as soon as I can. (Keep In Mind It Will Not Be A Screamer.) Spongebob Started To Take His Normal Route To The Crusty Crab. A Few Frames Repeated themselves But The Music Didn't. Then I Heard More Crying.

And Lots Of It. It Was a Piercing Cry. It Sounded Like A Girl. Probably about 12-14 years old.

When Spongebob Turns The Corner To Reach The Crusty Krab My Jaw Dropped. The Krusty Krab's usual clamshell sign is snapped in half, with minors bloodstains on the clamshell.

About 5 seconds later, we see a strange, cloaked person sitting with knees to his forehead.

“Ring around the Rosie… a pocket full of posies… ashes… ashes… we all fall down.”

The cloaked figure stands up, and walks down the road, towards the camera. The animation is freaking out at this point, and there is deafening, strange music playing Lastly My Screen Goes Black, And My Computer Shuts Off.

I Am Shocked, Sweaty, And completely Terrified.

I Destroyed The Disk And Burned It. Later That Night, I Slept With Rosary Beads.

I Will Never Forget That Day. One More Thing. NEVER EVER. Accept Strange Disks From Strange People.

Credit To: Keith Norton

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