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I’m so thrilled to be here for this week’s ‘Best of the Web’. Big shout out to Michael for having me and letting me share a few of my recent favorite posts from the personal finance blogosphere.

First a little about me. I’m a Canadian personal finance blogger over at Smile & Conquer. I’ve been working in finance for over a decade and started blogging to share the knowledge I was learning to my fellow millennials. You can expect plenty of nitty-gritty money tips but also lots of personal stories about how money has impacted my life, for better or for worse.

Aside from blogging and my day job, I enjoy traveling with my boyfriend of 13 years, exploring with our two pups, cuddling up with a movie and our two cats, eating delicious food and partaking in the odd cocktail. I’m all for not saving everything for a rainy day and enjoying life now while still saving for later.

3 Recent Posts I’m Loving

Why I’m Thinking of Quitting FIRE by Two Cup House

There are a lot of fantastic things the FIRE (financial independence/retire early) crowd promotes. They can be incredibly inspiring, give solid advice for managing your finances, and open your eyes to new ways of thinking. However, sometimes the advice can feel a little out of touch. Especially to those of us who may not have aspirations to retire early.

This post really hit home with me because it touches on many of the reasons early retirement makes me uncomfortable. I’m not willing to sacrifice my current lifestyle for a future I can’t even be sure exists.


An Open Letter to Men by Dumpster Dog

Ok guys, stick with me. This is an uncomfortable post, it’s supposed to be. If you’ve ever read any of Amanda’s posts you will know that she doesn’t hold her punches.

Uncomfortable as it may be, she tackles the issue of women’s health and reproductive rights in a way that many of us need. As they say, women’s rights are human rights and we need men on our side! Read with an open mind and maybe you’ll come out with new ideas on how to be a good advocate.


The Misconception – Saying ‘Yes’ Means Spending Money by Tawcan

There’s that whole balance thing I talk about so much. Pretty clear why I’m loving this post right? Bob is a FIRE blogger (and fellow Canadian) who is learning to say yes to the things that matter, even if it means spending money he may prefer to save.

Relationships are all about compromise and in this post, he talks about how there were tensions between him and his wife over their spending habits or lack thereof. Now, instead of saying no to spending, they will ask ‘how can we afford this?’ If it’s something you truly value then you’ll almost always be able to make it work with your budget. It’s a valuable lesson for both spenders and savers.

One of My Posts You Might Like


Why I Don’t Consider Myself Frugal

I’m a spender by nature so saving money doesn’t come naturally for me. That might be rare in the personal finance community but it sure isn’t in the real world. In this post, I explain how I manage my own finances and not let my lack of frugality get in the way of saving and investing.

Through my years of trying to strike a balance between the two extremes, I’ve figured out a few systems that help me succeed at both short term and long-term goals. Hopefully, you’ll find it relatable and pick up a few tips to incorporate into your budgeting.


Geeky Fact

The caveat for sharing a few of my favorite posts with you is that I share one geeky fact. I wouldn’t consider myself geeky by normal standards, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an embarrassing tidbit to share with you all.

My formative years were right smack in the middle of boy band mania. To this day I can still recite every single lyric from almost every single Backstreet Boys song. This has been proven through attendance to not one but two of their shows in the last few years. Some things get better with age, BSB does not, but they still have my heart.


Thank You, for sharing these great posts and being patient with my scheduling mix up!


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