Skin Stealer & Happy Appy vs Skin Taker

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Skin Stealer

It was a normal night at the orphanage. Well, it was until a loud thump awoke me. I saw one of my roommates not in bed; naturally, I tried just to forget the sound and that Joe was missing and tried to go back to sleep.

I must've lied there for an hour until I couldn't take it. I had to get up to figure out where Joe was. I walked out of the room and turned a corner to see the new red wall. Funny, I remember the walls a slight greenish.

I stopped…I looked down to see Joe laying there dead, most of his skin peeled off. I heard that thump again this time louder, and it seemed to be getting closer.

I turned around and stared down the long hall to see it walking slowly towards me. Its eyes were pitch black, its body was just the whitest white, its chest was bloody, and there was a tear in it, his rib age exposed, it had four long arms with boney hands with long, skinny fingers that were like claws, they were all bloody and holding a ripped off the face. It was Joe's.

The creature still crept up to me and leaned down to look me in the eyes. I closed mine, and when I opened them, it was a new day, but instead of an orphanage, I was in a hospital bed.

I've drawn a picture of what I saw last night. I'll call the creature skin stealer because of it ripping off Joe's face.

Credit To – My friends from school for helping me with this

Happy Appy vs. Skin Taker

One stormy dark night, I went down to get myself a glass of warm milk when I felt a strange feeling that something was about to happen.

I just ignored it and went back up to my bed.

The thing was for some reason I still had this damn…damn feeling in my stomach! 

Well, I couldn't sleep so I decided to watch some TV. I grabbed the clicker, turned on the TV, and started to channel surf. 

While I was doing that I ran into a show that shocked me when I was five, that show no one enjoyed, that…that terrifying, strange show.

On Nick Jr., the red appl~ I heard a loud crash downstairs.

I shut off the TV and ran downstairs with my pocket knife.

I realized my dog had pushed down a glass off a table, and I heavily sighed, picked up a dustpan, and just cleaned the mess up.

So I went upstairs into my bed and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning and saw my daughter, Julia, sitting on the couch watching TV, eating a bowl of cereal. 

I said, “Julia. What are you doing up so early?” 

She responded, “My favorite show is on!” 

“Oh, what is this new show called?” I asked.

 “Candle Cove,” she said. 

My eyes in shock, wondering how this show got back up on air and why it is. I said in a loud voice, “No….. no. Julia shut this off!”

She changed the channel, and a tear came out of her eye, “Daddy, why?” she asked. 

“I'm sorry, I just won't let you watch that show!” I exclaimed. She asked why three times. I just had to tell her. “When I was a child, there was an episode….I'm sorry I just can't say anymore.” 

Later that night, I put Julia asleep and turned on the TV in my bedroom. I heard a loud screaming on the TV; Candle Cove was on! The episode I could never forget, the episode I wished to never see again! The…the terrible Screaming Episode. 

“NO, NO!” I kept screaming. 

I picked up the clicker and started slamming the power button. But the television was not turning off.

“TURN OFF DAMNIT!” I yelled violently. 

As my dog started barking, Julia started running into my room. “Yay! Candle Cove!” Julia shouted in excitement with a smile on her face, covering her ears. 

I shouted, “No, Julia, get out!” Instead of turning it off, I just turned on Nick Jr. I said, “That's enough!” and walked downstairs into the bathroom to think about what just happened. 

Julia was sitting on my bed and….. another shocking show turned on. Happy Appy. I heard my daughter scream, “Yay!” upstairs.

Happy said, “Hey kids, I'm back from my visit in hell!” I started to walk upstairs and while I was in the hallway 

Julia walked out, her face in shock and then quickly smiled, “Daddy! Daddy! Happy is back from hell!” My face was in shock. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door. I went down the stairs and looked out my window and then opened the door. 

“H..Hello may I please co..come in?” a little boy said with blood on his face, scratches on his arms and hair cut off. I quickly said yes and let the little boy in while grabbing a first-aid kit.

 “What happened to you?” I asked. 

“Ha…Happy. He attacked me,” the little boy said. 

“What is your name?”

 “Danny,” he said.

Julia came down the stairs. “Hey, weren't you just on TV with Happy?” Julia asked. 

“Y…Yes,” Danny said. He pulled out a revolver from his pocket. “When I was 5, I used this revolver to kill Happy and send him into hell.” 

I put on the TV and turned on Nick Jr. when Happy said, “Today kids, we have a special guest,” and for three minutes, he looked at the camera with his evil death stare. Then said, “Skin Taker!” 

The background of the scene was familiar. After a moment, I realized it was our front yard. “What the fuck?!” I screamed and busted down the door. 

“Hi, there!” Happy shouted, starting to attack Skin Taker.

Skin Taker laughed and replied, “Ha! Is that all you've got?” 

Skin Taker started stealing half of Happy's skin. “God Damnit!” Happy shouted.

In one-second Skin Taker was gone, and Happy was screaming on the ground. Julia ran upstairs, and Danny went outside battling Happy to the death. Danny was stabbed in the arm by Happy. 

Happy screamed, “Who's next?!” 

I ran outside and kicked Happy away, grabbing Danny and fleeing into the house. Happy broke through the window, and then Skin Taker appeared, grabbing Happy and cutting one of his eyes out. 

Happy pulled on one of Skin Taker’s arms, and his arm flew off. Then there was complete silence. 

Happy and Skin Taker were sitting in opposite corners of the room, when Forenzik, Happy Appy's master, walked through where the door is supposed to be. Forenzik picks up Skin Taker, takes a hammer out of his pocket, and brutally beats him. 

Skin Taker's bones were scattered all over the place. Blood was everywhere. Forenzik picked up Skin Taker's hat and Happy. 

“We will be back,” Forenzik declared.

Credit: unknown

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