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Hello fellow Money Geek Friends!  Many thanks to Michael for allowing me to join in on the Best of the Web.  There is so much great content showcased here! It’s an absolute honor to contribute.


My name is Misty and my virtual home is over at Simple Organized Lifestyle.  My blog exists to help others who are on a mission to simplify and organize home and finances.  It is a place to find ideas and resources to declutter your home and get out of debt. Less really can be more!


I’m a Gen Xer, married with one child and working full-time in educational technology.  We live in the Southern Appalachian mountains, home to beautiful views and plenty of pollen.  Around working and blogging, my family loves taking RV vacations and spending time outdoors.


I’d like to share three personal finance posts around a theme that I believe changes everything when it comes to your finances.  Mindset. These posts are full of great advice when it comes to your thoughts about finances. I wholeheartedly believe that your money follows your mindset!  


The Ultimate Guide to Money Mindset Mastery


“When you train your mind to believe and get excited about being wealthy, opportunities will show up everywhere.” Sarah at Beyond the Dollar


This comprehensive guide really breaks down what it means to master your money mindset.  Sarah provides actions steps as well as resources to train your brain when it comes to finances.  


I’ve read this post multiple times and continue to find new takeaways. It’s full of encouraging nuggets of wisdom for success with your finances and life in general. This guide delivers amazing value when it comes to a strong money mindset.


Inspiring Money Story:  Bonnie


Our mindset toward money is often a higher determining factor in the amount of wealth we accumulate, more than a high paying job.”  Bonnie on the Women Who Money Inspiring Money Stories


You’ve got finance questions? The Women Who Money site is full of helpful answers that truly enable you to grow on your financial journey.  As a guest contributor, I can honestly say the two ladies behind the blog are leaders worth following.


In their inspiring money story series, Bonnie shares her path to living debt free and retiring at age 45.  Her path to wealth is a “no frills” story and that’s what I love about it. It’s proof that hard work combined with the right mindset is the key to success.  The inspiring money story interviews provides an opportunity to “pick the brain” of women who are winning with money, and that’s a win in itself!


7 Effective Money Habits And Mindsets To Help Your Personal Finance Journey


“This abundance mindset is centered around increasing income, taking risks, a willingness to change your life, an understanding of the countless opportunities and the motivation to chase what you want.” Scott at Making Momentum


Habits are a natural outcome of your mindset.  Scott talks about how to apply the mindset of abundance to your finances. This type of thinking leads to more opportunities and ideas for building wealth.  A great post about the habits and mindsets that will lead to financial success.


From my own site, I’d like to share:


10 Critical Habits to Develop a Millionaire Mindset


When I started my journey to financial freedom, a simple Google search of “How to Become a Millionaire” led to articles, books and conferences that changed my mindset.  When my mindset changed, the money followed. In this article, I summarize my findings on the money mindset of millionaires. As it turns out, they do indeed think differently and reap the results!


Geeky Fact About Me:


I have a real certificate of geekiness as a Google Certified Educator.  I spend my days working with servers, software and spreadsheets. I get paid to be geeky and that is perfectly fine with me!


Thanks again to Michael for this opportunity to have a turn at the Best of the Web!


Thanks, Misty, for your contributions! 


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