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Sexy Chef Wendy: Building a Badass Business and Brand

I am excited to announce a very special interview and a slight variation to the Real People Success Story interviews. Normally our interviews are done anonymously, however, Wendy Lane agreed to publicly share some keys to building a badass business and brand.



About Chef Wendy Lane

Wendy Lane is a single mother of four and CEO of her own company and brand, Sexy Chef Wendy. She has spent a lifetime in front of cameras as a model and a commercial actress. She began working at age 16 and was given tremendous opportunities to travel and experience the world’s finest cuisines, along with meeting extraordinary people. Growing up as a little girl in downtown Phoenix, she was fortunate to have a gourmet chef in her household that influenced her unique palate.

Currently, Sexy Chef Wendy is an internet-based company that launched in August 2013. Her website, YouTube videos, Blogs, and Social Media interactions provide an entrée for couples to bring romance and intimacy back into their relationships through cooking.

What is one thing you have learned about running a successful business?

Have an open mind, Realize that things are not always the way they seem, so be willing to be flexible and flow with changes.

What is the one mistake looking back that you wish you could change?

There are no mistakes, they are only learning experiences that teach you how to navigate going forward. I don’t waste my time on regrets.

What advice would you give someone starting out?

Believe in your vision, Ignore the nay-sayers and work hard every day.

What are you most proud of?

Creating my culinary carrot-based, habanero mash, Sexy Chef Wendy Hot Sauce and having it on Amazon, the largest sales platform in the world. (You can order her hot sauce here)

Sexy Chef Wendy Hot Sauce

Any upcoming projects you are working on?

Developing and filming a show to be picked up, and a celebrity social media interactive game that engages my fans with lots of fun digital weekly prizes, including live interaction.

How has social media impacted your business?

Social Media has been the single most important tool that has launched my business, virtually taking the brand Sexy Chef Wendy all over the world. It has created a fan base and has connected the brand to multiple business ventures, products, and affiliates. Social Media gives everyone an opportunity to engage, grow and advertise for a fraction of the cost and time it would entail hiring an agent, ad agency or public relations firm.

You are active on LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, how do you manage time?

My Social media work hour begins at 3 am PST with Linkedin, followed by Twitter, Instagram and then Facebook, then resumes at 3 pm PST. It is crucial to hit these specific hours to get maximum engagement and views. Those two hours are the sweet spots. It makes the difference between thousands of views to just a few if posted at the wrong time.

YouTube is a different platform, it is where I park all of my videos and promote the links and subscription at the strategic hours on other platforms. It all takes a great amount of discipline and consistency. Every week there is one day scheduled to do filming and photographs for current and future posts. It is all about scheduling as you would in any other job.

Any apps you can recommend?

Apps are very personalized to individuals likes and needs. I use certain business apps that pertain to my Brand Affiliates. At this point, all transactions can be conducted through our smartphones and pertinent apps.

If someone was having a hard time managing projects is there a book you would recommend?

Start with Why? By Simon Sinek. Asking yourself Why? A great read and tool for discovering your motivation.

How important is healthy eating?

I feel it’s the most important decision to create a life of healthy eating habits, with a great amount of thought. Consuming live, fresh, vibrant foods are the key to a clear and successful mind. There are a lot of dangerous chemicals in canned and processed foods that not only fog your brain, they create horrible health issues.

Taking the time to shop at local farmers markets, and becoming educated on how to prepare fresh food is worth it. We live in a country where diabetes is the fastest growing disease. Taking responsibility for our own health is the first step to living a happier and more productive life, and that begins with eating good food.

How important is fitness?

I find fitness to be a stress reliever, a mind booster, and body energizer.

How do you find time to workout? Do you enjoy it? If not how do you stay motivated?

I always find time to run and do my weight training because it gives me the total body energy to get through my demanding work schedule, after all, I wear lingerie the majority of my workdays!!

Enjoying is a loose term for me when it comes to gym time. Working out is a different challenge for me, I am in my head a lot so it is fun to put myself into a different arena where I am forced to be connected to my body. I meet with a lifestyle wellness coach three times a week that keeps me on track As the old saying goes in order to be balanced it requires a connection in ..Mind…Body…and Soul

What advice do you have for couples to improve relationships?

Couples that cook together ..stay together! Love should always be on the menu. Taking the time to cook, create and connect is the perfect gateway to a healthier and more playful relationship. Life is meant to love and have fun with one another. The kitchen is the best place to reconnect. Love and food are one in the same emotion enticing all of our senses: smell, taste, see, hear and touch.

I know you're all about making meals sexy. Do you have any money-saving meal advice?

Sexy food doesn’t have to be expensive…It’s not all lobster and caviar! Actually, quite the opposite when you learn to shop at farmers markets Gourmet food is in the preparation. When you cook with Sexy Chef Wendy, you learn how to make colorful, vibrant and unique dishes that are full of flavor with natural ingredients. Remember, emotion and flavor are the experiences I bring to your table and palate.

Anything I should ask that I haven't?

My Mission Statement – Bringing Love and Romance Back into Relationships through Cooking

What is the one thing you wish everyone knew?

The key to success truly lies in not how much you receive, but in how much you give. The first thought every morning should be gratitude and how can I make things better for other people.

Last question, who is the sexiest superhero?

Funny you should ask that when I first created my Brand I viewed Sexy Chef As My Super Hero, someone who could conquer against all odds and create anything and everything.

….Or I suppose, Wonder Woman!! She has a leg up …because she can fly!!!!

Thank You.

I would like to thank Sexy Chef Wendy for agreeing to do this interview. When I was starting out on Linkedin, she was kind enough to offer me some help. It's no surprise she has such a great social media following. She has a great product in her hot sauce, and she regularly and personally engages with her social media following. To learn more about Sexy Chef Wendy visit her website at


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