Selling a soul for love can go wrong

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Selling A Soul For Love Can Go Wrong


Hello. I am police officer Malinne and I am publishing a story I have found in a journal of a death row convict. Here it is:

For years I have been in love with Dasha. She was a perfect angel. We went to school together and the first time we spoke, mere words were those, I fell in love with her. I couldn't stop thinking about her.

After two years I've finally made some progress. But it was not much. At some point, I was so blinded by love I was willing to sell my soul. And my mislead wish came true.

One night a demonly voice awoke me from my deep sleep. I opened my eyes and in the center of my room stood a man. His clothes were pure black, his skin was as white as fresh snow and his eyes, his demon eyes. They were glowing in a shade of red not comprehendible by words.

He stood there for a moment then he extended his arm. In it, laid a piece of parchment paper. The only thing written on it were these words: I, a mortal, sell my soul by blood for my deepest and yet darkest wish.

As I read the words, he handed me a small, demonish blade and said these words:

»If you sell your soul to me, I will grant you your deepest wish, whatever it be. But beware, as mortals at the hour of demise leave this mortal plane, you shall not«.

I did not care for that and I took the blade, sliced open my finger and put a mark on the paper. The demon laughed and disappeared in a black haze.

The next morning I got a call from Dasha. She wanted to meet me at the cafe. I quickly got dressed and went out. When I got to the cafe I nearly collapsed. She sat there but not alone. She was with Johnny, the person I hated the most in this world.

I sat next to them and we started to chat. They revealed to me that they got engaged. My heart nearly stopped. Johhny said he needs to go to the toilet and left.

Dasha then spoke to me, “I know this is sudden but he proposed and I didn't know what to do, you took just too much time. But really, I still love you,” and kissed me.

My body filled with rage and I stormed out. I ran for half an hour and finally got into the deep woods. I yelled, “You tricked me, that contract was fake, you broke the deal.”

I yelled for quite some time and then I heard him, “I did not break the deal, I granted your wish. She loves you.”

I replied, “But she is engaged to Johnny… that does not count.”

“It does count for in the heart of Dasha it is you but in her life it is Jonny. Love is in the heart,” the demon said and vanished. And then it occurred to me.

As night befell our town, I left my home. I knew what I had to do. The demon was right, love is in the heart, not in life so let's get rid of the obstacle.

I had gotten an axe from my toolshed and was on my way to Johnny's home. I knocked, hard, and entered. He rushed to see what was going on and saw me. He smiled and said, “It is too late for you, she loves me now. Hahahahahahahaha.”

Everything went black and the next thing I recall are the blood-splattered walls, the pool of blood and brain matter, the bloody axe and his body. I threw the axe away and ran home. The police came the next morning.

My trial went through quickly. I was charged with first degree murder and was sentenced to death by injection. As the day approached I grew nervous. I knew my soul was in the hands of the demon but his words of not leaving this world were echoing in my head.

These are the last words I will be writing in this journal. My time has come. Last night I heard the demon's laugh in my dreams. I am afraid. What will happen to my soul?

In these final words, I would like to apologize to my mother, I did not want to become a murderer, and to Dasha, sorry for breaking your dreams and your heart. I still love you. Goodbye.

This journal came to me after we killed the Axe Murderer, as he became known by the public. The weird thing is that the second the deadly fluids started circulating in his body, all the lights in the execution chamber started to flicker. Weird huh.

Something extremely creepy happened to me. I read the murderer's journal and posted it on a horror story website for “funsies.” But that was a big mistake.

The morning after I posted it I found a piece of parchment next to my computer. On it was written in blood:

“I see I am not forgotten. You have read my story and it is time you found out the rest. At the time of my death, the demon came. He took my soul and placed it in a hellish body. Then he cursed me to roam the world, seeing couples in love, being torn part inside for an eternity by guilt and anger.

“But that is not the worst part. He made me visit Dasha. She is married now, you know. But the demon showed me her dreams, they were of us, together, happy. That image still haunts me constantly. Keep in mind, I am still here and will be, forever.”

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