Study Shows Roller Coasters Are Good For Your Health

Great news, coaster fans! Based on his study at the amusement park Thorpe Park in England, Dr. David Lewis reports that riding roller coasters could reduce anxiety levels and increase feelings of happiness and self-confidence, which is no surprise to the members of American Coaster Enthusiasts.

The 6,000 diehard coaster fans who belong to American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) — a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion, appreciation, and safe enjoyment of roller coasters — have known about these positive side effects for years, but to highlight the health benefits of their favorite thrill rides, the organization is launching two new initiatives: “Connected by Coasters” and “Live Who You Are – Be Who You Are.”

ACE will showcase members and their passions within the roller coaster community through “Connected by Coasters” features on the website, podcast, and social media. Members will also share personal stories about overcoming mental and physical health challenges through volunteering, photography, writing, and more.

American Coaster Enthusiasts: “Live Who You Are – Be Who You Are”

The “Live Who You Are – Be Who You Are” initiative will develop places (both physical and virtual) where all are welcomed regardless of their coaster count, views, race, age, abilities, or orientation.

As part of this initiative, ACE is launching a new ride-finder board to provide greater accessibility and invite other enthusiast organizations to their events and a moderated Discord conversation to teach the respectful exchange of viewpoints through guided discussion topics.

“ACE wants to open a world of healthy conversation and fulfillment that allows all members to feel this welcome environment and enhance the benefits of this incredible hobby,” said ACE Communications Director Elizabeth Ringas.

Whether you hop on a roller coaster in Branson, Orlando, or Texas you're improving your own health!

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