Rise of Der Ritter

As a boy I was told stories about the Der Ritter, witch I found out is another name for Slenderman. I never knew about Slenderman until recently, but I knew about the Der Ritter. This story is about the origins of the Der Ritter. Now… let us begin…
There once was a boy in a village. The boy’s skin was pale like the snow, and he was thin and tall, but putting that aside he was nice. He loved his parents, his friends, and the rest of the townsfolk. Even though the boy loved his parents, they thought he was a demon, and so did the rest of the adults in the village. One day the boy was captured by his parents and the other adults and he was tied up in a cellar. They tortured the boy, stretching his limbs to the point where they almost ripped off. Then they took the boy and shoved him into a locked wooden box. They took the box to the forest, lit it on fire, and tossed it off a ledge. The box and the boy shattered like glass. Days later, the shattered remains of the boy were found by a girl. The girl put the boy back together but he didn’t look like himself anymore, he was tall as a tree now, his hair had burnt off, his arms reached the ground, and his face was blank. The boy now wanted revenge. He took guards armour and crept around his village. He suck into his house and slaughtered his parents without regret. He then took the children from the village. He told them that he was protecting them but they were still scared. As for the village… he burnt it to the ground, making sure that every adult in the village had died. After that, he decided that it was his job to save the worlds children by taking them and killing adults who harm them.

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About the Author

Not much is known about Brian Z. Some say it's because he is secretly preparing for the Z poc, others say it's because of the "incident" at Chicago Walker Stalker Con. All that we know for certain is he loves sci-fi, horror, and zombies.

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