Review: Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #5 (Marchion Ro is Hot) 

In the lead-up to the release of The Rising Storm and Race to Crashpoint Tower at the end of the month, we finally get our first glimpse at the man behind the mask — Marchion Ro — in the latest issue of Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures. And yes, he is just as dreadfully beautiful as many of us have believed him to be since the first concept art reveal. 

Review: Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #5 (Marchion Ro is Hot) 

The High Republic Adventures #5

On the Junk Moon of Ord Mantell, which we have recently seen a lot of in The Bad Batch, we return to the fray as Krix chases after a Junk Mavens that he has been ordered to neutralize. Zeen arrives just in time to intervene, and in an answer to my questions from Issue #4, Krix shoots down her ship. 

Marchion Ro and the other Nihil have their hands full as the Junk Mavens summon a savrip (a creature familiar to dejarik players) to help them defend themselves against the Nihil. Things are made even more complicated for the Nihil as the Jedi descend upon the scene to valiantly assist the Junk Mavens. As the fight is underway, Lula spots Zeen’s crashed Vector and the girl chasing after Krix. It’s a good thing that Lula spotted her too because by the time she reaches Zeen, she’s attempting to use the Dark Side of the Force against Krix. 

Krix is saved by Marchion Ro, who arrives just in the knick of time to sweep him up and away from the Zeen and the Jedi. Despite the Jedi’s best attempt to use the Force against the Nihil’s Spider Cruiser, the Nihil narrowly escape and jump into hyperspace. 

On Vrant Tarnum, at the Kharvashark Ruins, Marchion Ro brings Krix along with him as they pursue the ominous heirloom that has been alluded to in both the comics and the novels. Krix seems rather surprised that Marchion Ro would choose him for the “momentous journey.” 

I actually do not know how to relay how much I enjoyed this segment of the comic without sounding like the World’s Biggest Marchion Ro Fan, which I’m actually not averse to being known as. Despite being the central driving force of opposition to the Jedi, we still know very little about the Eye of the Nihil outside of his intimidating masks, occasional blood lust, and fashion sense. 

Now, we have seen the man behind the mask and I would just like to take this moment to thank Harvey Tolibao, Pow Rodrix, Manuel Bracchi, and Rebecca Nalty for making him look like such a handsome man. Anyways

I am excited to see where this storyline between Marchion Ro and Krix goes. Star Wars is now known for their ‘big scary man grows attached to child’ trope and I hope that is where things are leading to with these two. Especially with Marchion Ro essentially taking Krix under his wing and admitting to him that he reminds him of himself. I mean, he even brought an extra helmet just to let Krix wear his helmet! 

As we now know, next month we will be getting a prequel story about Marchion Ro in The High Republic Adventures and I simply cannot wait. I hope that this is the beginning of Star Wars delving a little bit deeper into their complex and nuanced “bad guys” right from the start of their stories. 

Daniel José Older has done such a brilliant job with The High Republic Adventures, especially in the way that he has orchestrated dual and parallel stories throughout each issue. At the start, we see the duality between Lula and Zeen, then the divergent paths that Zeen and Krix are on, and now we may get the opportunity to see the parallel journeys between Marchion Ro and Krix Kamerat. 

The High Republic Adventures #5


A Revealing Issue, on Many Fronts

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