Review: Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #2

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures picks up right where we left off with last month’s issue, as the Jedi Padawans face off against the intimidating Nihil in Bralanak City. Fortunately for them, Jedi Masters Yoda and… Buckets of Blood show up just in time to lend assistance in the fight against the Nihil. 

Review: Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #2

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures

Near the fray, Elder Tromak looks on with Krix as the Eye of the Nihil, Marchion Ro takes interest in Zeen Mrala’s newfound Force-sensitive abilities. If Light of the Jedi didn’t clue readers in on the fact that Marchion Ro has a bone to pick with the Jedi, his dialogue about the “young heretic rebel” is yet another illuminating example. But Marchion Ro isn’t the only one who noticed Zeen’s newfound abilities — her friend Krix Kamerat seems deeply conflicted with this discovery. 

Master Yoda shows off his combat skills and offers a bit of snarky levity in his dialogue, offsetting an otherwise dire situation. When he ventures off to attempt a rescue of Krix who has been taken aboard the Nihil’s Spider Cruiser, we even get a chuckle-worthy moment between him and Cham Cham. 

The Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures comics are easily the best Star Wars comics to be released this year. They are the perfect balance of world-building, heart-racing adventure, and the emotions at the heart of every Star Wars story. Daniel José Older excels at creating characters that feel like old friends (and I’m not just saying that because I am Farzala Tarabal’s #1 Fan). In the span of two issues, the core cast of this comic run already feels like full fleshed-out characters with unique personalities that we have known for years. 

Harvey Tolibao and Pow Rodrix’s art style paired with Rebecca Nalty’s coloring, continues to create captivating scenes that make you feel like you’re right there amidst the chaos with the characters of The High Republic

With Krix in the clutches of the Nihil headed for hyperspace and Zeen among the Jedi en route to the Starlight Beacon, readers are left anxiously wondering where The High Republic Adventures will take us next. 

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures “Bralanak City Smackdown” is out March 3rd everywhere you read your comic books. 

The High Republic Adventures #2


A Must-Read Comic

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