Review: Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #1 — “Collision Course”

Lucasfilm’s High Republic era of storytelling has consistently introduced us to new and exciting characters, from Wookiee and Trandoshan Jedis to much-needed diversity. Still, there is one character whose appearance I have been anxiously awaiting. The Zygerrian Padawan named Farzala. As soon as I saw his character design, I just knew I was going to love him.

Review: Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures

Farzala and Lula Talisola

While Farzala is a character in the upcoming Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures, the central focus is on two characters that come together to hold off certain doom. The first issue, “Collision Course,” introduces two halves of the seemingly same coin: a Jedi Padawan named Lula Talisola and Zeen Mrala, a young Force-sensitive resident Bralanak City.

The issue picks up following the hyperspace disaster at Hetzal and introduces readers to a new cast of young Padawan working under a familiar face's guidance. While Master Yoda and Master Torban Buck instruct the Padawan through how they should work together to thwart the debris headed for Bralanak City, Lula feels doubt and uncertainty about their future.

One thing I have been absolutely enamored with, in regards to The High Republic, is how the Jedi are allowed to feel more than we have seen in the past (or rather, in the future). Whether it’s a Padawan or a Jedi Master, we have been introduced to characters who have their own personal opinions, flaws, and challenges that they must face and grow through.

Zeen serves as a nice foil to Lula. While she is Force-sensitive, she has been raised to believe that no living being should interact with the Force. I enjoyed how their characters move through the story parallel to each other before converging together in the final panels to use the Force together to hold off the falling debris.

While the Jedi are the main players in “Collision Course,” their new nemesis, the Nihil, does make an appearance in Bralanak City. The Nihil have arrived on the planet to capture Elder Tromak and rescue him from certain demise. The Nihil are such fascinating characters, and their transport ship is even more fascinating. They have a massive — and terrifying — spider cruiser. I’m no starship specialist, but I do not think we’ve ever seen a vessel quite like this one before. The closest thing I could find are dwarf spider droids, which are obviously droids and not ships.

I cannot wait to see what Daniel José Older has planned for The High Republic Adventures' next issues. He has a particular style of writing that makes Star Wars feel accessible to anyone. He draws us in with engaging stories and relatable characters while weaving in an adventure that can span multiple issues of a comic book and keep you absolutely hooked the whole way through. That cliffhanger has me worried about what our Jedi will do next, now that the formidable Nihil has surrounded them. All I’m asking for is that my beloved Farzala not be hurt.

The artwork of The High Republic Adventures was created by the illustrator Harvey Tolibao and colorist Rebecca Nalty. Together, they set the scene for the drama unfolding and brought new characters to life in vibrant ways. The lettering was handled by Jake M. Wood, who utilized varying textboxes to differentiate between speakers.

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #1 hits shelves tomorrow. Get your copy today! And to find out more about The High Republic, check out all of our coverage here.

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures 


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