Review: Star Wars: The High Republic (#11)

When we all fell head-first into The High Republic, we all knew everyone wouldn’t make it out alive and unscathed. If the calamitous final moments of Rising Storm were any indication, we knew that things were only going to get darker. Issue #11 of Marvel’s The High Republic is a sobering reminder that the lives of the characters that we have grown attached to could be ended in one swift attack.

Star Wars: The High Republic (#11)

The High Republic

“What’s in the box?” was the pressing question in the previous issue, but now that we have seen what was in the box, I no longer want to know! In all seriousness, this device that the Nihil have appears to be a serious threat to the safety of the Jedi and perhaps even the galaxy. The look of horror in Keeve’s eyes as she bore witness to the grizzly sight of Terec being turned inside out—severed from the Force and from their connection with Ceret—is going to linger with me for a while.

I sincerely hope that Terec isn’t dead. I am clinging to Ceret’s assertion that Terec is neither dead nor alive, but somewhere they can’t reach. Ceret and Terec were introduced as the first non-binary characters in the Star Wars universe to have a major role in the plot and it would be a shame to lose one or both of them before they get to really shine on their own in The High Republic. Hopefully, there’s a way to save them.

This issue of The High Republic definitely feels like we’re starting to build up to something really big. Avar, once again, fails to apprehend Lourna Dee, Sskeer appears to still be struggling with the aftermath of the Drengir, Keeve will likely remain emotionally scarred by what she saw in the box. There’s a lot of really fascinating threads of potential storytelling opening up and I’m curious to see where they lead.

Will Avar Kriss be able to pull Lourna Dee’s vessel down? Will someone else attack before they get an opportunity to apprehend her? Will they find out more about the box? So many questions that have yet to be answered and I’m so keen to see what comes next.

Given the preview cover that we have seen for the upcoming issues, it’s very clear that our beloved Jedi are in for a world of hurt when the Starlight Beacon falls. I have no doubt that this tragedy is just of a taste of what’s to come. The Nihil are a serious threat to contend with. This is, after all, the first issue in the “Jedi’s End” arc for Star Wars: The High Republic.

Star Wars: The High Republic (#11)


This issue of The High Republic definitely feels like we’re starting to build up to something really big.

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