Review: PoolCandy Splash Runner Deluxe Motorized Lounger

The first day of summer has arrived and that means it’s time to start thinking about all of those summer plans you have been dying to get to. Summer means lazy Saturdays, grilling, and uncovering the pool or heading to your local swimming pool. You may already have a favorite floatation device, but have you considered a motorized one? More specifically, have you considered a motorized pool lounger like PoolCandy’s Splash Runner? 

PoolCandy Splash Runner Deluxe Motorized Swimming Pool Lounger

PoolCandy Splash Runner

When you picture a lazy day floating around in the pool, you have probably never imagined yourself floating around on a motorized pool lounger. Especially not one that comes with joysticks that allow you to zip across the water’s surface. But PoolCandy’s Splash Runner allows you to do just that. Move aside innertubes and pool noodles, if I’m going to lounge on the pool I’m going to do it in style. 

For its price tag, you are probably wondering what makes PoolCandy’s Splash Runner so special. Well, first of off, it’s incredibly comfortable with its extra-wide design, high backrest, low-back support, and cupholder. It is 66” long, 43” wide, and able to hold up to 300 lbs. 

PoolCandy Splash Runner

The pool lounger comes with a repair kit, which is a must-have if you’re going to invest in a pool lounger that’s over $200. The propellers are enclosed beneath safety grills to keep you and other pool-goers safe. It does require 12 D-cell batteries which aren’t included, but you can always use rechargeable batteries to save money on replacements. That battery-operated motor also allows you to go up to 3 MPH, though you should probably only test that out in a large pool. PoolCandy’s Splash Runner also allows you to maneuver it a full 360-degrees so you can zip around the pool with ease. 

So what are the cons? The fact that it doesn’t come with the D-cell batteries is disappointing, especially if you forget to buy batteries and take it straight to the pool after purchasing the pool lounger. It’s also quite large, which means you need a good-sized pool to enjoy it in. Not everyone has a huge pool in their backyard and neighborhood pools probably wouldn’t let you use it. 

PoolCandy Splash Runner

PoolCandy’s Splash Runner is the perfect pool lounger for those with large private pools or uninterrupted access to a large body of water like a lake. So if you spend part of the summer at the lake house or somewhere with a sizeable pool why not try something new this year? You won’t be sorry. 

PoolCandy’s Splash Runner Deluxe Motorized Lounger can be picked up today for $229. PoolCandy also has a wide array of other fun pool tools and loungers that will make the perfect gifts for your family and pets.

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PoolCandy Splash Runner


This Pool Lounger is Worth the Price

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