Review: Marvel’s Star Wars: The High Republic #8

Following the unsettling final panel of last month’s issue of Marvel’s The High Republic, Keeve arrives on Mulita in the knick of time, narrowly rescuing Avar Kriss from the clutches of the sinister Drengir.

Marvel’s Star Wars: The High Republic #8

Star Wars The High Republic 8
The eighth issue, entitled “The Root of Terror,” opens on Starlight Beacon as Sskeer calls in for reinforcements as they face off against the Drengir, unfortunately, and unbeknownst to anyone at the present, the rest of the Jedi are currently occupied by the deadly attack at the Republic Fair. If you read The Rising Storm and wondered why Avar Kriss wasn’t present, now you’ll know she wasn’t willingly hanging around elsewhere. She was in a bit of a snare.

A lot of familiar faces are fighting alongside Sskeer, including Cohmac Vitus, Reath Silas, and the twins Ceret and Terec, as well as the Hutts who are out for more blood than the Jedi are willing to spill. As things start to look dire for the Jedi, Keeve arrives with Orla Jareni, determined to help take down the Drengir. Keeve, newly enlightened about the “great progenitor” has a plan for taking down the creature and rescuing Avar Kriss from certain doom.

Oh, and Sskeer and Orla Jareni apparently have a history, of the intimate nature, which I am sure we will unpack at a later date. Maybe with a therapist. Where do we send the bill, Cavan?

Much in the way that the Drengir are all connected, Keeve utilizes the Force ⁠— which connects all of the Jedi together ⁠— to banish the darkness of the Drengir and essentially pacify it enough to be captured. It’s actually a pretty impressive spectacle watch, especially with the knowledge that this one small victory is nothing compared to the crushing defeat waiting for them on Valo.

Ario Anindito and Annalisa Leoni really outdid themselves with the art and coloring in this month’s issue of The High Republic. The shades of blue, purple, and green stood out in this issue, adding a sort of otherworldly element to the scene and panels. In particular, the big “come together” moment with the Jedi vs. the Hutts really should be a print because it is gorgeous.

“The Root of Terror” marks the last chapter in the “Heart of the Drengir” story arc. Marvel’s The High Republic will return next month with “The Shadow of the Nihil.” Hopefully, we get to see, rather than just read about, the fallout of the Republic Fair in the next issue.

Star Wars: The High Republic #8


A thrilling conclusion to the arc

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