Review: Katie Quinn’s Cheese, Wine, and Bread

Cheese, Wine, and Bread by Katie Quinn is not a cookbook per se, but it is the perfect book for someone who wants to learn more about cooking with cheese, wine, and bread. 

Review: Katie Quinn’s Cheese, Wine, and Bread

Katie Quinn's Cheese, Wine, and Bread

Katie Quinn’s book is a scrumptious journey through the world of three culinary staples and readers will come away from reading this book with a deeper understanding of why cheese, wine, and bread are the perfect trifecta. 

There are recipes throughout the book, like the delicious Stilton Scones with Cranberries, a DIY Yogurt, Wine Cookies, and most intriguingly — Cheddar Brownies. Yes, you read that correctly. Cheddar Brownies! Quinn assures readers that the chunks of cheddar are complementary to fudgy brownies, and I think I have to agree! The sweet and savory combination of two of my favorite foods sounds like a match made in kitchen heaven to me. 

The book is laid out in three parts: Part One: Cheese/England, Part Two: Wine/Italy, and Part Three: Bread/France. Each section features information about each of the staples, recipes, must-see points of origin, and history. If you’re still hungry for more information about wine, cheese, or bread Quinn has included a convenient page filled with further reading sources.  

I would highly recommend Cheese, Wine, and Bread for anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge on the ingredients, or someone looking to find a reason to get a little more adventurous with these ingredients in the kitchen. It’s a very well-written, thorough, and engaging book that belongs on your kitchen cookbook shelf

Cheese, Wine, and Bread is a love story to these three delicious elements of any well-rounded kitchen. From start to finish, you’ll find new experiences you’ll want to seek out, new ways to eat your favorite dishes, and a newfound respect for what makes each of these items truly perfect. 

A word of caution though. This book will leave you starving to tour the countryside of Italy for wine, venturing to the rolling hills of England for cheese, and wandering the sidewalks of Paris in search of the perfect loaf of bread. 

Pick up Cheese, Wine, and Bread today!

Cheese, Wine, and Bread


A Must-Have Kitchen Addition

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