Review: Become a Superhero with Kabammm!

You don’t have to fight crime or wear a fancy costume to become a superhero. At least, not when you are playing Kabammm! All you have to do is be willing to get a little vocal as you play this supercharged card game. 

Review: Kabammm!

IMG 0567 If you love fast-paced matching games that require you to test your reflexes, Kabammm! is the perfect game for you because it is designed to elevate your visual perception and pattern recognition. In order to win, you have to put your skill to the test as you identify patterns on an ever-evolving playing area. 

Kabammm! is designed for two-to-six players, which makes it the perfect party game or a fun learning tool for a parent to play with a child. Each round only lasts around ten minutes, which is perfect for short-attentioned children or a group of friends wanting to keep playing through the endless possibilities. 

Each player receives a short stack of cards and a superhero-themed card (Splash!, Boom!, etc.) that helps them achieve combo moves. Get rid of your cards quickly by matching icons in the gameplayer and take advantage of those powerful combo moves! And yes, the instructions do encourage loudly shouting different action-packed phrases. 

Kabammm! was a lot of fun to try out. For a duo competing against each other, the game took roughly ten minutes. It would probably be a lot more fun with a full game and six people competing for the title of champion. The matching component was surprisingly difficult, which added to the fun. This would really be the perfect game to play at a brewery with friends or at home with the kids. It’s rated for ages seven and up and I would guess that younger kids would need a bit of help to make the matches, otherwise they might get frustrated with the complexity. 

Kabammm! comes out of FoxMind, a gaming developer that creates games that offer mind-stimulating fun and help develop reasoning skills, spatial logic, and other skills associated with STEM Get your superhero on today



Matchmaking made fun!

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