Review: Don Pablo Coffee is Small-Batch Perfection

About two years ago, most of us were accustomed to hitting our favorite drive-thru window to get our morning caffeine fix. Whether that was Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts or Tim Hortons, most of us were used to cups of mass-produced coffee that usually left something to be desired. When our commutes turned into a few minutes walk from our bed to our kitchen and then to our home office, things changed. Suddenly, we were aware that the coffee we were drinking before really was not that good.

There is an entire world of small-batch coffee roasts out there to try and today we are going to look at one of the best: Don Pablo Coffee Growers & Roasters.

Don Pablo Coffee is Small-Batch Perfection

Don Pablo Coffee

Don Pablo Coffee is a family-owned, vertically integrated coffee company that was established in 2004. For nearly two decades they have grown their own coffee in Colombia and acquired high-quality Arabica specialty coffee beans from around the world and that dedication shows in every cup of coffee. All of their coffees are roasted in small batches to order, ensuring that their customers received freshly roasted beans, not beans that sit around for weeks on a shelf.

I received three of their best sellers to test out at home: the Signature Blend, Subtle Earth Organic, and the Bourbon Infused Coffee.

The beans used in Don Pablo's Signature blend originate from Colombia, Brazil, and Guatemala which creates a very unique and complex flavor. It's a Medium-dark roast, which delivers a very rich roasted taste, paired with a cocoa-hint that manages to be very smooth with very low acidity. This is not at all like drinking Starbucks or even Dunkin’ Donuts. There is no acidic aftertaste with this blend. In fact, the robust flavor almost always comes paired with a sweet hint that isn’t often found in other comparable coffee blends.

Don Pablo Coffee

The Subtle Earth Organic Coffee that Don Pablos roasts hails from Honduras and it comes in three different roasts: Light, Medium-dark, and Dark. Each of the variants comes with its own unique taste signature. I received the Medium-dark which had a slight caramelization quality on the back end, creating a sweet aftertaste that lingered. The body and the acidity were nicely balanced and I found it to be a very even smooth-toned drink.

I tested the Bourbon Infused beans as a late afternoon iced coffee drink. Don Pablo Coffee soaks the coffee beans in fine Kentucky Bourbon before roasting them to remove the alcohol, leaving behind the smoky hints of the Bourbon flavor. The golden blonde roast mixed with the sweet hint of bourbon creates a full-bodied coffee with notes of caramel, honey, and butterscotch as a delectable aftertaste. This is truly the perfect coffee to pair with an after-dinner treat or, as I did, to enjoy on the patio of a cool almost-fall afternoon.

Overall, if you are looking to swap out your tried and true Starbucks blend, I would highly recommend exploring the coffees offered at Don Pablos Coffee. You simply cannot beat small-batch roasts, which focus on quality over quantity. Furthermore, they're focused on retaining Latin American traditions surrounding small-batch roasting, which has created a truly artisanal coffee experience. Their Master Roaster comes from three generations of coffee growing in Colombia, so you just know that you are getting the best of decades, upon decades, of experience.

When comparing Starbucks to Don Pablos Coffee, you are going to end up paying more — but you are paying for quality. For instance, a 12 oz. bag of Starbucks’ ground Medium Roast Colombia coffee retails for around $8 at Target, versus Don Pablos’ Gustavo's Reserve Colombian Estate Medium-dark, which is sold for $18 on their website. While you are spending more for the same amount of coffee, what you are getting is a much smoother beverage and one that doesn’t leave an acidic aftertaste, long after you’ve finished drinking your cup.

Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or you are looking to surprise your favorite coffee drinker with a new blend, check out everything Don Pablos has to offer. They even make their very own hot cocoa! What more can you ask for?

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Don Pablo Coffee

$10 - $50

A wide variety of low acid coffee options, which boast smooth full-bodied flavors

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