One scroll through the Disney tag on Instagram and you’ll see Disney food bloggers posting creatively posed images of Disney Dole Whip and Mickey Mouse shaped pretzels and ice cream bars. Disney food is almost as iconic as the parks themselves and Disney’s newest cookbook helps you create your very own Disney Eats magic at home.


The Disney Eats Cookbook Brings Home the Magic of Disney with Easy Recipes and Creative Fun

Joy Howard has created more than 150 easy-to-make recipes inspired by your favorite Disney movies and characters. Warm up this winter with a Baymax-inspired cup of hot chocolate, wake up to a plate of Eeyore Pancake Stack, or dive into a Deep Sea Jellyfish Cake. 

The 319-page cookbook is split into eight sections: Breakfast and Brunch; Sips and Snacks; Salads, Lunch, and Light Fare; Playful Dinners; Inspired Feasts; Everything for the Holidays; Easy Treats; and Birthdays and Sweet Occasions. The recipes in Disney Eats range from quick kid-friendly bento boxes to grown-up fare like ratatouille casseroles. Most recipes are vegetarian-friendly and have ingredient swap recommendations to upgrade light lunches into protein-filled feasts. 

What is a cookbook review without a taste test? There were so many stand-out mouthwatering recipes which made it hard to narrow it down to just two dishes to try out. 

Dumbo’s Peanut Zoodles 

Prep 20 minutes | Cook 5 minutes | Serves

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Buying pre-spiralized zucchini is definitely the key for this recipe and it cuts down on the prep-time. The peanut sauce is easy to create and totally delicious. Now that I’ve learned how to make it, I know that I’m going to be using it in other recipes! 

The peanut sauce is very rich and this dish is surprisingly filling despite being mostly vegetables. Howard does recommend adding shredded chicken or fried tofu to turn this into a more filling dish. 

The recipe said to keep this dish chilled before eating, but I preferred serving it warm. That’s the great part of these recipes, you can easily tweak them to better suit your personal tastes.

Remy’s Ratatouille with Poached Eggs

Prep 5 minutes | Cook 35 minutes | Serves 4

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The cookbook features three different ratatouille recipes: Sheet Pan Ratatouille with Smoked Sausage, Ratatouille Casserole, and Remy’s Ratatouille with Poached Eggs. All three looked delicious, but I opted to try out Remy’s. 

If you purchased pre-cubed vegetables the prep-time may take five minutes, but chopping up all of the vegetables actually took about ten minutes. This recipe was definitely a 5-star meal. It was flavorful, filling, easy to make, and it made for a beautiful dish. 

Bottom Line 

Both recipes turned out looking exactly like the gorgeous photos in the cookbook and tasted incredible. How can you go wrong with a cookbook that walks you through the steps of creating exactly what’s in the picture? 

Unlike recent Disney cookbooks like Marvel Eat the Universe and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge you won’t have to track down hard-to-find ingredients or spend hours in the kitchen crafting a visually stunning delight. Howard has filled Disney Eats with creative, easily-sourced, and delicious meals that you can add into your weekly meal rotation and pull out to impress your kids or friends over the holidays. 

A bonus point is that this is the perfect book for parents who are stuck at home with their children and trying to find creative ways to engage their minds and teach them something new. With the added perk that you get to eat the results! Who wouldn’t want to create Rapunzel’s Braided Buns, Nemo’s No Fish Tacos, or Woody Sheriff Badge Cookies with your kids? I know I would’ve been all over that as a child. 

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