Review: AquaSonic Pulse Electric Toothbrush 

Most electric toothbrushes cost upwards of $70 and are not exactly travel-worthy. No one wants to lug around a docking station and bulky AC adapter on a vacation or weekend getaway. This is where the AquaSonic Pulse electric toothbrush comes in, because not only does the charge last for forty-five days, it comes with a USB charger! Perfect for anyone that’s on the go. 

AquaSonic Pulse Electric Toothbrush 

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The AquaSonic Pulse features an ultra-powerful lithium-ion battery and sonic motor that puts out 33,000 vibrations per minute which assists in cleaning away the plaque and stains on your teeth. The toothbrush comes with three oral care modes: clean, sensitive, and massage which helps you set the right pattern for your preferences, with built-in sensors to help you get the job done. 

If you are considering buying an electric toothbrush for your summer getaway, you’ll want to consider the AquaSonic Pulse — not just because you can charge it with your laptop’s USB port, but because it’s sleek and lightweight. It’s less than 1” wide and 48 grams which means it’ll take up no space in your carry-on, purse, or laptop bag. 

Unlike other electric toothbrushes on the market, this particular AquaSonic Pulse model comes with a charcoal brush head, which helps promote enhanced teeth whitening. AquaSonic promises you’ll notice whiter teeth after a week of use. We weren’t able to notice a huge difference, but that’s because I already use a charcoal whitening toothpaste daily. 

There are a few downsides to the AquaSonic Pulse. If you’re traveling with it, you may want to put it into a case because the button is very sensitive and you can easily run down the battery if it gets triggered in your luggage. It also appears that AquaSonic does not offer replacement heads for this particular model, which is disappointing since you should replace your toothbrush every 3 months and the battery life on this device lasts much longer than that. If you take charcoal-absorbing medicines, you should consult your doctor before picking up this toothbrush. 

Try out AquaSonic Pulse today for $25 and choose from three colors: black, rose gold, and white.

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AquaSonic Pulse Toothbrush


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